Basic German travel phrases

Need to know how to ask 'when' and 'where' in German? You can learn some basic German travel phrases in no time with this free audio lesson. Just listen to the German pronunciation and practice speaking aloud until the words are rolling off your tongue…

When does the museum close? Where is the closest supermarket? What time does the bus leave? Let’s pack these basic German travel phrases and more into your language survival kit. You’ll never have an excuse to be late or lost after this Rocket German lesson!

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Wann hat das Museum geöffnet?

When is the museum open?

Wann hat das Museum geschlossen?

When is the museum closed?

Wann hat der Supermarkt geöffnet?

When is the supermarket open?

Wann hat die Apotheke geöffnet?

When is the pharmacy open?

Wann fährt der Bus los?

When does the bus leave?

Wann fährt der Zug los?

When does the train leave?

Wann geht der Flug?

When does the flight leave?

Wann kommt der Bus an?

When does the bus arrive?

Wann kommt der Zug an?

When does the train arrive?

Wann kommt der Flug an?

When does the flight arrive?

Wann halten wir an?

When do we stop?

Wann machen wir eine Pause?

When do we have a break?

Wann fängt das Kino an?

When does the movie start?

Wann fängt das Theater an?

When does the theater start?

Wann fängt das Spiel an?

When does the game start?

When does the bus leave?

One of the first questions you might want to ask when arriving in an unfamiliar city could be…

Wo finde ich die Touristeninformation?

Where can I find the tourist information center?

Some smaller cities in German-speaking countries don’t have tourist information centers. You might have to rely on asking the locals. Here are some useful questions you might need…

Wo finde ich das Museum?

...the museum?

Wo finde ich die Kunstaustellung?

...the art exhibition?

Wo finde ich das Fundbüro?

...the lost property office?

Wo finde ich den Bahnhof?

...the train station?

Wo finde ich die Bushaltestelle?

...the bus stop?

Wo finde ich das Krankenhaus?

...the hospital?

Wo finde ich einen Arzt?

...a doctor?

Wo finde ich die öffenlichen Toiletten?

...public restrooms?

Wo finde ich eine Bank?

...a bank?

German church doors

Credit cards are not as widely accepted in Germany as they are in England or America for example, so you might have to exchange some money.

Wo kann ich Geld wechseln?

Where can I exchange money?

Wo finde ich eine Wechselstube?

Where can I find a money exchange counter?

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