I love you in German

Ready or not, it’s time for a German lesson of the more romantic kind. How do you say “I love you” in German? How do you say you’re not interested in someone?

Whether you’re dating or just making some friendly German conversation, this lesson could come in very handy… Listen to the audio and practice the German words and phrases aloud. You never know when you might find yourself in that special – or not-so-special – moment!

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How to pronounce I Love You! in German

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Ich liebe dich.

I love you.

More Romantic German phrases

Alles in Ordnung?

Everything alright?

Ich möchte gerne…

I would like to...

Ich möchte so gerne…

I would love to...



Möchtest du...?

Would you like...? (casual)

Möchten Sie...?

Would you like...? (formal)

Das ist sehr nett.

This is very nice.

Das ist sehr freundlich.

That is very friendly.

Das gefällt mir sehr gut.

I like that very much.

Das gefällt mir nicht sehr gut.

I don't like that very much.

Das macht Spaß.

That's fun.

Das macht keinen Spaß.

That's no fun.

Nichts zu danken.

You're welcome.

I love you in German

What do you do when you meet someone and you realize that you are falling in love? Here are some phrases you might want to use…

Ich mag dich.

I'm fond of you.

Ich mag dich sehr gerne.

I like you lots.

Ich habe dich lieb.

I like you very much.

Ich liebe dich.

I love you.

Ich liebe dich über alles.

I love you more than anything.

There is no equivalent in English for “Ich habe dich lieb”, it’s kind of between “I like you” and “I love you”. It basically means that you like someone very, very much. For example a mother might use “ich habe dich lieb” to tell her child how fond she is of him or her. If you want to confess your love to someone, just say

Ich liebe dich.

I love you.

And you will hopefully hear the following reply...

Ich liebe dich auch.

I love you, too.

You can ask someone out for a date by saying one of the following phrases…

Möchtest du mit mir ausgehen?

Would you like to go out with me?

Ich möchte gerne mehr Zeit mit dir verbringen

I would like to spend more time with you...

Ich möchte dich gerne zum essen einladen...

I would like to take you out for dinner...

Wollen wir ein bisschen spazieren gehen?

Shall we go for a little walk together?

If the date went successful you might want to say…

Das war ein sehr schöner Tag.

That was a lovely day...

Das war ein sehr schöner Abend.

That was a lovely evening...

That was a lovely day

Some more useful phrases when dating the man or woman of your dreams…

Du siehst toll aus.

You look great!

Du bist so süß.

You are so sweet.

Ist es dir ernst mit uns?

Are you serious about us?

Ich möchte mit dir zusammen sein.

I want to be with you.

Möchtest du mich heiraten?

Do you want to marry me?

Du bist der Mann meiner Träume.

You are the man of my dreams.

Du bist die Frau meiner Träume.

You are the woman of my dreams.

Du bist unglaublich!

You are incredible!

If you are going out with someone who is not exactly what you were hoping for you could say…

Ich will nur befreundet sein.

I just want to be friends.

Ich habe kein Interesse.

I'm not interested.

Laß mich in Ruhe.

Leave me alone.

Du bist nicht mein Typ.

You are not my type.

Hau ab!

Go away!

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Bis bald!

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