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German Questions

Find out all about asking German questions in this series of lessons. Make sure you listen to the audio and practice your German pronunciation. And do the German tests at the end of each lesson to reinforce your knowledge of German questions!

Asking for the bill in German

Planning on eating at a restaurant in German? How about paying for the bill? An important aspect of eating out - asking for the bill in German.

German Question Phrases

There are many helpful words and phrases to enable you to ask questions in German. In this lesson there are examples of the major question words along with example phrases of just how they are used! Check out this less on German question phrases.

German Question Words

Being able to ask questions is a key part of learning German. Once you have this mastered it opens up a whole world of conversational possibilities! Click here for this free lesson on German question words.

How to say "How are you?" in German

How do you ask How are you? in German and how do you reply? This free German audio lesson is essential for your German conversational skills.

We’ll show you the formal and informal ways to for ask people how they are to ensure you make a good first impression. And just in case you need to apologize… you’ll learn how to say sorry in German as well!

Bis bald!

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