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Meeting in German

When you’re planning a meeting in German you need to know how to ask “when?” and “where?”. The Rocket German team have put together this easy-to-follow audio lesson so you can feel confident that you’ve understood instructions correctly.

We’ve included lots of useful vocabulary here, so take it slowly and practice saying the words aloud as you listen to the audio. Whether you’re making plans with German-speaking family, friends or colleagues, we’ll make sure you arrive on the right day at the right time!

Resources for further reading:

Planning a meeting in German

Below are a list of phrases that you will need to know if you ever have to organise a meeting in German.

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Wann wollen wir uns treffen?

When shall we meet?

Wo wollen wir uns treffen?

Where shall we meet?

Wann passt es Ihnen am besten?

When is best for you? (formal)

Wann passt es dir am besten?

When is best for you? (casual)

An welchem Tag?

Oh which days?

Diese Woche?

This week?

Nächste Woche?

Next week?

Am Wochenende?

On the weekend?

Während der Woche?

During the week?

Am Anfang der Woche?

At the start of the week?

Am Ende der Woche?

At the end of the week?

Daily schedule in German

Once you’ve agreed on a day you need to agree on a time…

Am Morgen / morgens

In the morning

Am Vormittag / vormittags

Before lunch

Am Mittag / mittags

At lunchtime

Am Nachmittag / nachmittags

In the afternoon

Am Abend / abends

in the evening

In der Nacht / nachts

At night

Here are some more words and phrases for you…








Later or later on






Right away








The day after tomorrow



Um zehn Uhr

At ten o'clock

In drei Tagen

In three days

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Bis bald!

Paul Weber: Rocket German

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