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Describing people in Hindi

Ever tried describing people in Hindi? What’s the Hindi word for “tall”? How do you say someone is kind? After this free audio lesson you’ll know some Hindi adjectives to describe someone’s appearance and the kind of person they are as well.

This is going to make Hindi conversations a whole lot more interesting – let’s hope you don’t decide ignorance is bliss! Listen to the Rocket Hindi speakers and practice saying the words and phrases aloud. Describing people in Hindi can be fun – let’s try it!

Resources for further reading:

Pronunciation help for describing people in Hindi

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निक के छोटे बाल है

nika ke choṭe bāla hai

Nick has short hair.

ओलि के सफेद बाल है

oli ke sapheda bāla hai

Oli has white hair.

पीटर के काले बाल है

Peter ke kāle bāla hai

Peter has black hair.

मारिया के भूरे बाल है

Maria ke bhūre bāla hai

Maria has brown hair.

टीना के बाल घुंघराले है

Tina ke bāla ghuṃgharāle hai

Tina has curly hair.

उसके लहरों जैसे बाल है

usake laharoṃ jaise bāla hai

She has wavy hair.

उसके मुलायम बाल है

usake mulāyama bāla hai

He has soft hair.

उसके बाल मध्यम लम्बायी के हैं

usake bāla madhyama lambāyī ke haiṃ

She has medium-length hair.

लिसा के लम्बे बाल है

Lisa ke lambe bāla hai

Lisa has long hair.

रोज़ी के लाल बाल है

Rosie ke lāla bāla hai

Rosie has red hair.

Adjectives for describing people in Hindi

What about the eye and skin color?

उसकी आँखें भूरी है

usakī ānkheṃ bhūrī hai

He has brown eyes.

उसकी आँखें हरी है

usakī ānkheṃ harī hai

She has green eyes.

उसकी आँखें नीली है

usakī ānkheṃ nīlī hai

He has blue eyes.

वह सांवला है

vaha sāṃvalā hai

He is dark-skinned.

वह गोरा है

vaha gorā hai

He is fair-skinned.

What about other features, like height and weight?

वह छोटी है

vaha choṭī hai

She is short.

वह लम्बा है

vaha lambā hai

He is tall.

वह पतली है

vaha patalī hai

She is thin.

वह मोटा है

vaha moṭā hai

He is fat.

वह पतला है

vaha patalā hai

He is skinny.

What about other abilities and features?

वह तेज़ है

Vaha teja़ hai

She is fast

वह धीमा है

Vaha dhīmā hai

He is slow

वह ताकतवर है

Vaha tākatavara hai

She is strong

वह कमज़ोर है

Vaha kamaja़ora hai

She is weak

वह ख़ूबसूरत है

Vaha kha़ūbasūrata hai

She is beautiful

वह सुंदर है

Vaha suṃdara hai

He is handsome

वह अच्छा दिखता है

Vaha acchā dikhatā hai

He is good-looking

वह बदसूरत है

Vaha badasūrata hai

She is ugly

What about personality?

वह मिल जुलती है

Vaha mila julatī hai

She is prepared to socialize.

वह गरीब है

Vaha garība hai

She is poor.

वह हंसमुख है

Vaha haṃsamukha hai

He is funny.

वह बहादुर है

Vaha bahādura hai

She is brave.

वह संस्कारी है

Vaha saṃskārī hai

He is civilised/cultural.

वह मेहनती है

Vaha mehanatī hai

She is hard-working.

वह दयालू है

Vaha dayālū hai

He is kind.

वह गंभीर है

Vaha gaṃbhīra hai

He is serious.

वह संस्कारी नही है

Vaha saṃskārī nahī hai

He is not cultured.

वह आलसी है

Vaha ālasī hai

She is lazy.

वह धैर्यवान है

Vaha dhairyavāna hai

He is patient.

वह बुद्धिमान है

Vaha buddhimāna hai

She is intelligent.

वह विनोदी है

Vaha vinodī hai

He is humorous.

वह शर्मीली है

Vaha śarmīlī hai

She is shy.

वह शांत है

Vaha śāṃta hai

She is quiet.

वह अच्छा है

Vaha acchā hai

He is nice.

वह अमीर है

Vaha amīra hai

She is rich.

That’s all for this lesson! So tell me, how would you describe yourself? Here’s a small challenge for you: by the time you being reading the next newsletter edition, try to have a description of yourself memorized!

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फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

Nikita Sharma: Rocket Hindi

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