Household Appliances in Hindi

Welcome to the Rocket Hindi lesson on household appliances. This lesson will cover all the essential appliances that you use in at home. These are words you come across everyday whether you’re traveling around or living in India. You never know when you’ll be at a hotel and need to use an iron or figure out how to work the washing machine!

Lets get started on the most common words for household appliances in Hindi!

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Pronouncing household appliances in Hindi

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वाशिंग मशीन / कपड़े धोने की मशीन

vaashiMg masheena / kapaDe dhone kii mashiina

washing machine

बर्तन धोने की मशीन / पात्र प्रक्षालक

bartana dhone kii mashiina / paatr prakshaalaka


त्रिविम ध्वनिक / स्टीरियो

trivima dhvanika / sTiiriyo


कम्प्यूटर / संगणक

kampyuuTar / sMgaNak


तन्दूर / भट्टी

tanduur /bhaTTii


स्टोव / चूल्हा

sTova / chuulhaa


केतली / देग

ketalii / deg





फ्रिज / रेफ्रिजरेटर

phrij / rephrijareTar


हिमयन्त्र / फ्रीजर

himayantr / phrijar


दूरभाष / फ़ोन

duurabhaashh / phona


आयरन / इस्तरी

Ayarana / istarii


माइक्रोवेव / सूक्ष्म तरंग

maaikrovev / suukshm tarMg


मिश्रिक / मिलनसार

mikshrik / milanasaar


अलार्म घड़ी / अलार्म क्लाक

alaarm ghaDii / alaarm klaaka

alarm clock

मिक्सर / सम्मिश्रक

miksar / sammishrak


I hope you enjoyed this lesson! To help you remember all of this new vocabulary, try saying the name of the appliances out loud in Hindi as you’re using them at home. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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