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Directions in Hindi

It will be easier to find your way around India if you know how to get directions in Hindi. The Rocket Hindi team is here to help!

We wish it was as simple as learning the word for 'where' in Hindi and a few Hindi road signs, but as you may have already guessed, understanding the directions you are given can be more challenging than asking the questions! But don’t worry, a little practice is all you need – listen to the Hindi pronunciation in the audio and say the Hindi words and phrases aloud, as you imagine yourself exploring Delhi or Hyderabad.

Resources for further reading:

Pronunciation help for directions in Hindi

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कृप्या बता दीजिए कि रेल्वे स्टेशन कहाँ है?

kṛpyā batā dījie ki relve sṭeśana kahām̐ hai?

Can you please tell me where is the train station?

मैं कैसे रेल्वे स्टेशन तक जाऊँगा?/जाऊँगी?

maiṃ kaise relve sṭeśana taka jāūm̐gā?/jāūm̐gī?

How do I get to the train station?

क्या आप जानते हैं कि रेल्वे स्टेशन कहाँ है?

kyā āpa jānate haiṃ ki relve sṭeśana kahām̐ hai?

Do you know where the train station is? (formal)

क्या तुम्हें पता है कि रेल्वे स्टेशन कहाँ है?

kyā tumheṃ patā hai ki relve sṭeśana kahām̐ hai?

Do you know where the train station is? (casual)

Another more complete way of asking for directions is by saying…

सुनिए, क्या आप बता सकते हैं कि रेल्वे स्टेशन कहाँ है?

sunie, kyā āpa batā sakate haiṃ ki relve sṭeśana kahām̐ hai?

Excuse me please! Could you please tell me where the train station is? (formal)

सुनो, क्या तुम बता सकते हो कि रेल्वे स्टेशन कहाँ है?

suno, kyā tuma batā sakate ho ki relve sṭeśana kahām̐ hai?

Excuse me please! Could you please tell me where the train station is? (casual)

Here’s a list of some places you might like to go to and places you may pass on the way to getting there.

ट्रेवल एजेन्सी

ṭrevala ejensī

The travel agency



The monument

बीर गार्डन

bīra gārḍana

The beer garden



The suburb

नगर केन्द्र

nagara kendra

The town center

सार्वजनिक शौचालय

sārvajanika śaucālaya

The public restrooms

टाउन हॉल

ṭāuna haॉla

The town hall



The park



The hospital

पुलिस चौकी

pulisa caukī

The police station

ऐतिहासिक केन्द्र

aitihāsika kendra

The historic center



The shopping center



The street

शराबखाना / बार

śarābakhānā / bāra

The bar

Here are some words and phrases you might get to hear when asking for directions…

Right turn in Hindi




के सामने

ke sāmane

In front of



The bridge



The corner

यहाँ से दूसरी गली

yahām̐ se dūsarī galī

The street after the next.

दाहिनें ओर की अगली गली

dāhineṃ ora kī agalī galī

The next street to the right.

बाएं ओर की अगली गली

bāeṃ ora kī agalī galī

The next street to the left.

कोने पर

kone para

Around the corner

पूर्व की ओर

pūrva kī ora

To the east

दक्षिण की ओर

dakṣiṇa kī ora

To the south

उत्तर की ओर

uttara kī ora

To the north

पश्चिम की ओर

paścima kī ora

To the west

शुरूआत में

śurūāta meṃ

At the beginning of

अंत में

aṃta meṃ

At the end of




दांई ओर

dāṃī ora

To the right

बायीं ओर

bāyīṃ ora

To the left




के पास

ke pāsa

Next to

When someone gives you directions, they’ll tell you that you need to take such-and-such street; turn left, and then follow another street…




पार कीजिए

pāra kījie


पीछा कीजिए

pīchā kījie





Now, you might want to know whether it is far or not…

क्या यह यहाँ से दूर है?

kyā yaha yahām̐ se dūra hai?

Is it very far?

जी हाँ, यहाँ से दूर है ।

jī hām̐, yahām̐ se dūra hai ।

Yes, it's far.

जी नहीं, यहाँ से दूर नहीं है ।

jī nahīṃ, yahām̐ se dūra nahīṃ hai ।

It's not far.

क्या यह नज़दीक है?

kyā yaha naja़dīka hai?

Is it close by?

जी हाँ,वह नज़दीक ही है ।

jī hām̐,vaha naja़dīka hī hai ।

Yes, it's close by.

जी नहीं,वह नज़दीक नहीं है

jī nahīṃ,vaha naja़dīka nahīṃ hai

No, it's not close by.

Well done, you have finished today’s lesson! I certainly hope you’re enjoying the newsletter series? Think back to the first lesson, and how difficult it all seemed. And now look at how far you’ve come!

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फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

Nikita Sharma: Rocket Hindi

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