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Spanish Words

These series of lessons are all about Spanish words that you will regularly come across when speaking to Spanish people or traveling through South America. Make sure you practice your pronunciation using the voice recognition tool, and do the testing at the end of each lesson (where available!). Let's get started learning some Spanish words!

Learn some basic Spanish words

If you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country or you're in a Spanish-speaking environment, you need to know some basic everyday Spanish words for those times when you’ve got something to say or questions to ask and the people around you speak only Spanish! This lesson has lists of basic Spanish words for you to peruse.

Understanding common Spanish words

These common Spanish words cover medical terms and emergencies, family, teachers in the classroom, and much more. These will be extremely useful for people who are traveling and/or on vacation and are essential for your Spanish language survival kit!

Need to know: Spanish medical words

You never know when you’ll need to use some Spanish medical words. In this online audio lesson you’ll learn some Spanish words and phrases just in case you ever need to visit a Spanish-speaking doctor or hospital!

Talking about animals in Spanish

In this Rocket Spanish lesson we'll be taking a trip to the zoo to talk about all types of animals in Spanish. You might have a dog or cat at home, but I bet you don't have a monkey!

Know your appliances in Spanish

This lesson is all about how to pronounce household appliances in Spanish. These days we have a number of appliances in our homes to make domestic duties easier and quicker. Look around your kitchen and laundry and you will see just how many electrical time saving devices you have. Now, here is the Spanish vocabulary for you to put to those little wonders.

Asking for the bathroom in Spanish

From buying toiletries at the chemist or supermarket, to asking directions to the nearest bathroom or even explaining to a plumber what is wrong. Learning these commonly used words for the bathroom in Spanish will certainly be very helpful!

Birds in Spanish

The topic of birds in Spanish is a useful one if you want to expand your Spanish vocabulary. Building a mental database of vocabulary is very important if you want to become fluent in a language.

Talking about your family in Spanish

How do you say "mother" in Spanish? It's a lot easier than you may think! This lesson covers how to talk about your family in Spanish.

Different types of fruits in Spanish

If you are traveling around Latin America, you are in for a treat with a massive range of tropical and fresh fruits available to you. Check out this free audio lesson on fruits in Spanish!

Needing to buy groceries in Spanish

We’ll teach you the Spanish words for different types of shops, and how to ask for what you need in a store. After this you’ll know the Spanish words for some common foods, and how to ask for certain quantities in Spanish. Lets go grocery shopping in Spanish!

Insects in Spanish

Spanish insects like bugs, slugs and creepy crawlies are just as common in Latin American countries as they are in your own. Get to know the different insects in Spanish with this free audio lesson.

Talking about different professions in Spanish

One of the first questions that people ask when they meet someone new in a social context is what they do for a living. So if you plan to have conversations with people in Spanish, then you will need to brush up on your vocabulary of professions in Spanish.

School subjects in Spanish

Discover how to pronounce all of your school subjects in Spanish and wow your classmates!

Schools in Latin American countries tend to study almost exactly the kinds of school subjects that you are already familiar with. These subjects tend to have names that are very similar to English words, which makes them easy to recall--but don’t get tricked up with all the accents that are added.

Talking about soccer in Spanish

Soccer is like a religion in many Spanish speaking countries. In fact sometimes it may seem that football is the only sport they practice such is the attention given to it in the Spanish speaking media and topics of conversation.

Discover how to say that you like playing soccer in Spanish among other useful phrases!

Space in Spanish

We will cover the planets in Spanish as well as other useful vocabulary when talking about outer-space! Check out this lesson on space in Spanish--it's going to be fun!

Learning Spanish instruments

Latin people tend to be very musical and when you visit a Spanish speaking country (particularly in Latin America) you will find music played everywhere. Learn how to pronounce lots of musical instruments in Spanish and increase your vocabulary!

Different types of vegetables in Spanish

Discover lots of Spanish words for vegetables and make the most of those Spanish recipes! Click here for the lesson on the different types of vegetables in Spanish.


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