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Online language courses designed by language lovers, curated for you.

Stay inspired and get better results.

Choose from 14 languages

Rocket Spanish (Latin American)

At Rocket Languages, we do language learning like no one else.

While most online language courses claim to offer the ultimate template, we know that everyone learns differently. That's why we bring a human touch to your learning, letting you choose the methods that work best for you. We take you to the heart of the language you're passionate about and give you the tools to stay inspired and get better results.

With Rocket Languages, you'll...

  • Perfect your pronunciation.

    A Rocket Languages course will teach you thousands of useful words and phrases, and our state-of-the art virtual voice recognition system will analyze your speech to identify which words you're mispronouncing. You'll be able to practice until you sound like a true local!

  • Go as deep as you want.

    We get you started with a basic level of knowledge, but you can also take it even further if you want to. You'll have access to hundreds of hours of repeatable lessons, from ice-breakers and conversation starters to in-depth grammar explanations.

  • Benefit from advanced learning techniques.

    The U.S. Foreign Service Institute claims it takes around 600 hours of study to reach 'general professional proficiency' or higher. Rocket Languages reduces that time by giving you 27 advanced learning techniques that are proven to help you learn more effectively and to reach your goals faster.

  • Study anytime, anywhere.

    When you become a paying member, you get 24/7 lifetime access to your chosen course(s) from any computer, phone or tablet. We even have podcast-style Interactive Audio lessons that are perfect for learning when you're out and about.

  • Enjoy updated resources and reference materials.

    We believe that learning a new language is the journey of a lifetime. So we make sure our courses are always being updated with new vocabulary and cultural tips.

  • Stay on track and stay inspired.

    Traditional foreign language courses are often dry and uninspiring, making it difficult to persevere when the initial wave of motivation disappears. But with Rocket Languages, you have access to a wide array of motivational tools and techniques. They'll keep you interested in and focused on your journey of cultural connection.

  • Retain what you learn.

    Our scientifically designed lesson activities ensure you understand the material. These activities use algorithms to identify your individual challenges and repeat problematic words and phrases until you've got them down.

  • Find your own learning style.

    Unlike a typical language course, we don't take a "one-size-fits-all" approach to teaching. No matter what kind of learner you are – audio, visual, reading/writing or even kinesthetic – our Rocket Reinforcement activities are designed to meet your needs and help you improve your speaking, listening, writing and recall skills in fun and engaging ways.

  • Love every minute of it.

    Our courses are designed by a team of language enthusiasts who are passionate about helping people from different countries and cultures to connect with one another. That's what makes us tick. We love creating our courses and we know you'll love taking them.

People love Rocket Languages, and you will too!

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Choose from 14 languages

Rocket Spanish (Latin American)

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