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If you have some questions or want to share some feedback about your course, there’s a good chance a fellow learner has had the same idea! You can take a look at some of the latest posts to see if your question has already been answered, or share your thoughts with the Rocket French teachers and learners by posting a new conversation.

Audio Features

Bonjour, I would like to suggest adding fast forward and rewind buttons to the audio player. Merci, Flux

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - March 29, 2010

No help so I want my money back.

I bought the entire series on 2/11/10. (ETW626T2)I was excited because I loved the free lessons. But I cannot access the audio or the lessons. The Help department sent me one computerized email to change my browser settings. They have not answered an emai...

3 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - February 25, 2010

Brocken Site: Rocket French Premium Plus

Hello, Please note that your RF Premium Plus Site is BROCKEN. I will give you guys 24 hours then I will ask for my money back. I took this week off from work to improve my French for an exam and it looks like you are playing jokes with your customers. Ho...

1 reply - Last post by eze2learn - February 24, 2010

the valentine special

how do I order the Valentine special... could not find the link

5 replies - Last post by GammaT - February 18, 2010

Excellent course.

[color=#0000BF:3tj2x3gl]Bonjoir, I have recently purchased the download version of Rocket French and I would like to say how impressed I am with the entire package. I had been trying to learn French using another course, but it had nowhere near the amount...

6 replies - Last post by France2388 - February 16, 2010

Problem with section 1.10 Quantities!!!

Hi, Please Help ASAP!!! The page that contains the "section 1.10 Quantities" does not work. That is: 1. After the page is brought on my laptop (it takes about 3 minutes with my high-speed connection) it cannot be used. When I click on an Aud...

4 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 27, 2010

saying the year in French

Salut tout le monde, just wondering how the French are saying 2010. are they saying Deux mille dix, or vingt- dix or am I all wrong on both accounts. any help is appreciated. When I get up in the morning I always try to say what day it is and the date and...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 27, 2010

need marie claire's help

I have still not gotten an answer as to how the french are saying this new year 2010, how do you pronounce it? We say here in the usa twenty ten, I haven't heard anyone using two thousand ten, how do you say it marie claire? thanks , gary wages

2 replies - Last post by gary robert - January 27, 2010

Order Contents

Hello Rocket French team, I have just ordered the Rocket French Premium and I'd like to know where I can access the software that was listed as a special offer (buy in the next 24 hours) on the order page. "You have the opportunity to get 10 French ...

2 replies - Last post by IgorBe - January 23, 2010

Bugs (problems) with RF

Hi, I've just got the RF Prem. on-line package three days ago. Here are the annoying problems I found up to now that need fixing ASAP: 1. The "Notes" tab does not remember the info typed in... Here is how to reproduce it: select a lesson (i.e...

5 replies - Last post by Jose1 - January 23, 2010


Marie-Claire I have previously left a post on this question.....can you please tell me where or how I access the newsletters that have been referenced in some posts. Thank you, MJ

6 replies - Last post by MJ - January 22, 2010

Platinum course.

Dear Marie-Claire et al, Sorry to ask this again but i am still unsure. The platinum course that is now advertised when you enter the opening learning lounge, is this the course with Eric and Anne, or is this the next level? It reads differently in the w...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 21, 2010

Maximizing my potential learning.

Bonjour tout le monde, OK so I now live in Paris, France, I have been here for 3 months. I started using your program (which I love by the way) about 5 weeks ago I think. I should be further through but as you know things happen that are unavoidable. I j...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 21, 2010

Completed lessons not reflected in the log

Hi, Over the last couple of days, I completed Lesson Nos. 2.1 thru 2.4 including the quizzes. For some reason, the completed activities were not recorded in the log. Can you tell me what I must do to have the activities properly logged? Thank you. Joe

5 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 21, 2010

More Rocket Languages

Hi, I not sure if anyone will know this, but are there going to be more Rocket languages? I love Rocket French, but I've been wanting to learn Russian as well and I really like the Rocket Languages' method of learning.

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 21, 2010

Pronounce "R" in French

Hi...I am absolutely new to French...just started the first lesson today. I am facing trouble pronouncing the 'R' in French in words like Merci. I can't seem to get the 'ch' sound in conjunction with the 'R'. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get...

3 replies - Last post by ErikII - January 14, 2010

Salut everyone- Greetings

Salut everyone. I am just a beginner who has just joined in. I don't know any french at all and like you i hope i will get the gist of it. Since i am new, i am trying to work out how to post a message- i hope this will get through. By the way Merry Christ...

4 replies - Last post by eshahollari1981 - January 11, 2010

listening to radio france international (rfi)

Pour Marie Claire, I am still in the early stages of learning French, I do enjoy it and make time every day for study . However, I also listen to Radio France International from Paris and I wonder am I taking on too much. The announcers and guests speak s...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - January 5, 2010

3.7 Going Back in Time-editorial errors

I noticed a couple of "mistakes" as I was going through this lesson: The heading Avoir + Finir should be Avoir + Aller. The 2nd. heading Avoir + Manger should be Avoir + Finir. From Thunder.

2 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - December 15, 2009

French dialects

Salut, this is for Marie Claire, just wondering about the various dialects there are in France. I know in the United States, people from the northern states can't always understand us southerners and they have to ask again and again what we said, even tho...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - December 11, 2009

No feedback from Rocket French or parent company since order

Hi, After purchasing the French Premium Plus package, I had a single, simple question. This was sent in via the contact form, no response, a follow up email to support a few days later, no response, a further contact form, 4 weeks later from initial con...

5 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - December 11, 2009

where should i begin ?

salut I am a beginner in French , i have a Question : where should i begin studying? vocabulary or grammar or .. ? plz help to get start .note: i like french language very salut

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - December 11, 2009

Intermediate French?

I am at an intermediate level in my French; I don't need a lot of pronunciation or grammar help. Mainly I want to learn what are the common phrases people use in conversation. When I am in a conversation with a French-speaking person, I become tongue tied...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - December 11, 2009

Some improvements to MegaCards and Grammer

Hello there just started with the course and have a little wishlist what I would like to see in the future: Is it somehow possible to view the MegaCards on a Computer? where you could type in the words? I'm not such a big fan of printing things out an...

2 replies - Last post by Apple - December 1, 2009

Advanced French Courses

Is Rocket French developing an advanced course beyond the premium plus course?

2 replies - Last post by david-c - November 16, 2009

Need a study partner

Hello, I just registered newly and would like to have some study partners to enhance and motivate me in my studies. 8)

18 replies - Last post by Elle - November 6, 2009

Audio Files

Salut, Is it possible to extract the audio files in the Newsletters to play on an MP3 player. I find these lessons invaluable and almost as practical as the lessons themselves. :?: Merci

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - November 5, 2009

une grenouille stagiaire

Bonjour! J'ai appris un nouvel mot aujourd'hui, "stagiair". (Le contexte était, "Et le soir même j'étais nommée adjointe. Adjointe stagiare d'un drôle de capitaine.") Je brûle de savoir si on pourrait utiliser le phrase "une gr...

0 replies - Last post by Thidwig - October 13, 2009

learning a lot more than I thought

Salut tout le monde! I am just starting the rocket french program, well, a month or two maybe. I am enjoying it, but it sure is a discipline that needs practicing and study daily. My goal is to be fluent, I think I can do it. I want to go to France and b...

4 replies - Last post by david-c - October 7, 2009

Trouble with Downlaods, please advise

Hello, I just joned Rocket French and cannot down load the files, is anybody else having this problem. is there a issue with the files to be down loaded, i have tried everything i can think of still no success. I have written to the support tem with no re...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - October 6, 2009

The new premium plus course..

Bonjour Marie-Claire, I received the special offer for the new course recently, but didn't take it up as i am only half way through the written course work and with Eric and Anne aussie. Is it another round of great converstional stuff? The add mentioned ...

2 replies - Last post by david-c - September 29, 2009

Pronunciation of the compound vowel "ou"

I noticed in lesson 1.12 on pronunciation that the compound vowel "ou" is pronounced like the "oo" in "school" or "wool". For example, "bonjour". However, I also noticed that in the word "pour", ...

2 replies - Last post by chanbho - September 10, 2009

Language Level

Hi, there, Just taken download of course, was b grade o-level many yrs ago ,now I would say have slipped to tourist level, ie ,one or two phrases to get by when on hols. As long as things go well can get by, but, find conversation difficult mainly because...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - September 6, 2009

MegaFrench Games

salut tous les monde, can any body help me: where is the "Mega French Games and Mega cards" tab? merci

3 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - August 25, 2009

literal translations in English

Does anyone else sometimes find the English translations difficult to relate back to the French? I would find it easier to have the literal translation ( in parenthesis perhaps ) along with the common translation. For instance, in lesson 5.8 Bon Appetit...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - August 25, 2009

Pronouncing names

Salut, I'm really enjoying the course, thank you. One thing I'm curious about is the pronunciation of names, and also the French spelling. For instance, does Mark become Marc? Would someone be so kind as to provide the spellings and pronunciations for ...

3 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - August 21, 2009

audio tracks forward/reverse

Are there any plans to allow the audio tracks in the lessons to be reversed, forwarded etc...i.e., rather than having to start from the beginning each time one wants to review something?

4 replies - Last post by MJ - August 19, 2009

Too much English!

Hi, I've been going through the download version of the course, and the only problem for me is the amount of English used throughout by the speakers! I understand that beginners need help, but to be honest, sometimes by the end of the lesson all the Eng...

4 replies - Last post by ajacobson - August 19, 2009

Check the forum more often

My suggestion is that you check the forum more often. I made a topic yesterday morning and have had no reply. I think all topics should be seen within 24 hours; it's not as though the forum is busy. I say this mostly because this community is put forward ...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - August 19, 2009

mega games broken link

Hello , I am new to this site but I was hoping some body could explain why I cannot download the Mega french games or cards. When I click on the link I get the following message The requested URL /french/software/9-2-megacards/downloadfile.php was not f...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - August 19, 2009


I was wondering if the fluent claim is an exageration, or if I really can become fluent in french using rocket french continuously. For example, how good is it in comparison to studying French at University? Thankyou!

7 replies - Last post by gina - August 18, 2009

c'est tres *fustrating*

Salut you all I've had Rocket French for a while and I'm annoyed at how SLOWLY it's been going! I'm only on lesson 6..... I'm wondering: 1) Do I HAVE to know every single word by heart before I continue to the next lesson? I get bored easily and then I st...

5 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2009

Newsletter 7

In newsletter 7 the term IL is used to different ways. I thought it meant the English word, he. Can you explain?

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2009

My 2 euros...

Hello Rocket French Team, Signed up a while ago and I have had a chance to explore the course and the learning lounge. All in all, well done! I am learning French and it is quite fun. I think it is a success and it should go far. I am sure that you are a...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2009

New Rocket French Course

How much will the new Rocket French Couse cost

5 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2009

Welcome to Rocket French

Here are some guidelines on how to get the most out of your Rocket French course: Rocket French is a beginner's course in three main components: 1) audio lessons, which you listen to; 2) textual lessons, which you read; and 3) learning games, which ...

9 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2009

French Braille

I am glad that the French conversations are written down so I can transcribe them into braille. However, I'm stuck! I have forgotten how to make a U cirmumflex in braille. I realize most of you won't know, but I hope there is someone who does!

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2009

French Songs

Hey fellow rocket french-ers! Any of you guys heard of good french songs lately? I've got a few, like Shy'm and Kyo. (youtube them, i suggest c'est ma faute-kyo and victoire-Shy'm) Share the French! -Jacquelyn (oh and I would *LOVE* to meet new people...

2 replies - Last post by Jacquelyn2207 - July 16, 2009

Commonly Mispronounced Words

Hi, I'm new to this and I have a question. What words are commonly mispronounced by English speakers trying to learn French? I noticed that I have a terrible time trying to say tres (very). Is there anything I can do to correct this?

2 replies - Last post by Christy9373 - July 11, 2009

Suggestion to Ad a Feature to the Materials

It would be very helpful if each individual line of the printed lessons had an audio pronunciation button, much like the free 6 day lessens did for individual words or phrases. That way, at any time you could click on the button and hear the sentence ove...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 8, 2009

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