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To give in German

The word “geben” means to give in German, but there is also another word for to give: “schenken”. The concept behind “schenken” is slightly different though.

The word “schenken“ implies that you give something to someone without ever wanting it back. Use “schenken” when talking about presents and gifts. Use “geben” when you want someone to give or pass you something.

Let’s have a look at the conjugation and some examples of "schenken" first.

How to pronounce "to give" in German


ich schenke

I give

du schenkst

you give (casual)

er schenkt

he gives

sie schenkt

she gives

es schenkt

it gives


wir schenken

we give

ihr schenkt

you give (casual)

sie schenken

they give

Sie schenken

you give (polite)

To Give

Zum Beispiel:

Ich schenke dir einen Strauß Blumen.

I give you a bunch of flowers.

Schenkst du mir etwas zum Geburtstag?

Are you going to give me something for my birthday?

Ich schenke Paul nichts zu Weihnachten.

I won't give Paul anything for Christmas.

Gibst du mir bitte die Butter?

Could you please pass me the butter?

Geben Sie mir bitte drei Kilo Kartoffeln.

Please give me three kilos of potatoes

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