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Directions in German

Today you’re going to master directions in German! Whether you’re strolling around Munich or driving through the Black Forest, this essential travel German will help you find your way around. If only it were as simple as learning the word for 'where' in German and a few German road signs! I’ll be honest - there’s a little more to it than that…

Asking for directions in German is relatively easy, but as you’ve probably guessed, understanding the directions you are given may be a little more challenging. But let’s give it a try. Remember, if it gets too complicated, there’s always paper and a pencil - ask them to draw a map!

Resources for further reading:

How to ask for directions in German

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Wo bitte finde ich den Bahnhof?

Where can I find the train station?

Wie komme ich zum Bahnhof?

How do I get to the train station?

Wissen Sie wo der Bahnhof ist?

Do you know where the train station is? (formal)

Weißt du wo der Bahnhof ist?

Do you know where the train station is? (casual)

A traffic sign in German

Another more complete way of asking for directions is by saying…

Entschuldigen Sie bitte! Können Sie mir bitte sagen wo der Bahnhof ist?

Excuse me, please! Could you please tell me where the train station is? (formal)

Entschuldige bitte! Kannst du mir bitte sagen wo der Bahnhof ist?

Excuse me, please! Could you please tell me where the train station is? (casual)

Here’s a list of some places you might like to go to and places you may pass on the way to getting there.

Das Reisebüro

The travel agency

Die Straße

The street

Das Einkaufszentrum

The shopping center

Die Altstadt

The historic center

Die Polizeiwache

The police station

Das Krankenhaus

The hospital

Der Park

The park

Das Rathaus

The town hall

Die öffentlichen Toiletten

The public restrooms

Das Stadtzentrum

The town center

Der Vorort

The suburb

Der Biergarten

The beer garden

Das Denkmal

The monument

Die Kneipe

The bar

Here are some words and phrases you might get to hear when asking for directions…

Nach Süden

To the south


Next to


In front of

Die Brücke

The bridge

Die Ecke

The corner

Die übernächste Straße

The street after next.

Die nächste Straße nach rechts.

The next street to the right.

Die nächste Straße nach links.

The next street to the left.

Um die Ecke

Around the corner

Nach Osten

To the east



Nach Norden

To the north

Nach Westen

To the west

Am Anfang von

At the beginning of

Am Ende von

At the end of



Nach rechts

To the right

Nach links

To the left



Which way to Berlin?

When someone gives you directions, they’ll tell you that you need to take such-and-such street; turn left, and then follow another street…

Nehmen Sie…


Überqueren Sie…


Folgen Sie…


Gehen Sie...


Now, you might want to know whether it is far or not…

Ist es sehr weit?

Is it very far?

Es ist weit.

It's far.

Es ist nicht weit.

It's not far.

Ist es in der Nähe?

Is it close by?

Es ist in der Nähe.

It's close by.

Es ist nicht in der Nähe.

It's not close by.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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Bis bald!

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