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Conversation Course Book?

will there be a conversation course book for Rocket German in the future, like there is for Rocket Spanish? Cheers :D

2 replies - Last post by Annie-W - September 23, 2011

Why German

Why *not*

2 replies - Last post by PA-deutsch-lover - September 17, 2011

Rocket To Austria

Hey everyone! I'm new to here and to the german language even though I've been studying it off and on for the last two years. After trying pretty much everything (pimsleur, rapid german, books, rosetta, etc.) I finally came across this great website! I...

1 reply - Last post by Cristian-Montes-de-Oca - September 6, 2011


Even though I do not have an iPhone or iTouch I had the idea that creating applications like the MegaGerman games would be a great idea. If people are on the go and stuff they can not only have the mp3's but also the games too! I think the games themsel...

3 replies - Last post by Cristian-Montes-de-Oca - August 18, 2011

For beginners like me

As well as the Rocket German course I also wanted to start to read myself so I thought what better way than with German Children's books great for absolute beginners like me! I found this website where you can read German Children's books online for free...

3 replies - Last post by Jo-Allen - July 27, 2011

Extra vocab on Premium Plus and Platinum

One thing I liked about RG Premium lessons was that each lesson had a section called 'Extra vocabulary' that listed the vocabulary that appears in the lesson but isn't in the main conversation. I don't see anything like that in the premium plus or platin...

0 replies - Last post by PA-deutsch-lover - June 8, 2011

Studying in Switzerland

Hallo, I am learning German because the United States does not provide affordable, quality education for any but the wealthiest of its citizens. I am a high school student and due to recent financial developments, most the college money we had saved up we...

1 reply - Last post by DylanRandolph - June 21, 2010

Rocket German Platinum

Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone out there has already purchased R.G. Platinum and if so...what are your thoughts? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I am ready to take the leap but would appreciate hearing the opinions o...

5 replies - Last post by (deleted) - April 18, 2010

Text to the Introductions

I am making my way through the Rocket German Premium Plus lessons and have difficulty understanding the introductory dialogues between Sandra and Mattias. Is there any way to have a text copy posted as their interchange sets the stage for the lesson?

3 replies - Last post by Duane - October 11, 2010

Wo ist Nathalie?

Whatever happened to Nathalie? She was always very active, gave excellent feedback and answered every post promptly with outstanding clarity. I know it's been ages since she's been on the forum. I just finally decided to inquire.

3 replies - Last post by Mitschuler - December 11, 2010

For Johanna's Family

Hallo, My name is Tamera and I was actually born in Germany, a GI brat, father was in the US Army. We left when I was 18 months old so I don't remember anything about it. I currently live in Alaska where I am a registered nurse and own a bed and breakfast...

1 reply - Last post by Tamera-A - October 2, 2010

Moderator for Conversations in German

I am disappointed that so few students take part in Your Community: Conversation in German. It is an excellent opportunity for practicing skills one learns from the lessons. Perhaps a forum administrated by Rocket German "teachers" would draw a greater a...

10 replies - Last post by Davida-S - February 19, 2011

German newsletter

I am just wondering if the Rocket German sends out a biweekly newslwtter to its members? I know the Rocket French and Spanish do. If Rocket German does, then I have not received one and so I am enquiring why?

1 reply - Last post by raugsten - December 15, 2010

My Story

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away......... Oops, wrong story!! I started this because I really want to move back to Frankfurt. I miss Germany a lot and I miss my family. I've lived in different parts of the world but spent the majority of the la...

1 reply - Last post by Drachenherz - September 12, 2009

Contextual translation bitte!

What is the contextual (and literal) meaning of the question "Wie soll das gehen?" It's a beautiful song by Laith-Al-Deen! Danke schön : ) Jacinthe

4 replies - Last post by Mrs.-L - March 21, 2011


Hi there, when I ordered the course, I read in disclaimer that my location and computer had been recorded to prevent fraud. Does that mean I have to use the online course (I've only purchased the online course) in UK? I travel a lot and may not even use m...

2 replies - Last post by Kenneth-M2 - March 16, 2011

My Ultimate Goal

Hi, I'm Lindsay. Last year I discovered my love for culture and decided that the way I want to express it is to learn as many languages as I can and travel all over the world. I decided to start my journey with German(I know.. :roll: ). However, despite ...

2 replies - Last post by Kenneth-M2 - March 15, 2011

bilingual with babies

Hi there everyone, I started my course a few days ago but I am not new to German.. I just wanted to do it right and get better. So I'm starting from scratch. I had my first German lesson in primary school as an 11 year old, but the classes were cance...

3 replies - Last post by bkizmann - March 3, 2011

Alles auf Deutsch

It would be very helpful if the administrators would get involved in the "Converstions in German" section of the community. Overall, really. I will ask again, "Where's Nathalie?". She was very, very active the first year I had Rocket German; in every aspe...

3 replies - Last post by Davida-S - February 9, 2011

December Updates

Hi Everyone Jason here, the CEO of Rocket Languages. Those that have been with Rocket Languages for a while will have noticed many gradual changes and face-lifts over the last couple of years. Most of these changes have come from suggestions that members...

0 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - December 10, 2010

The Story Behind My German Learning

Hello my name is Níck. I decided to learn German Because my Girlfriend is German. I met her in Australia while she was on a 1 year exchange student program. I was 22 and she was almost 18. We were together for 4 months thereabouts when she had to return ...

4 replies - Last post by lorelle - October 18, 2010

Welcome to Rocket German

Here are some guidelines on how to get the most out of your Rocket German course: Rocket German is a beginner's course in three main components: 1) audio lessons, which you listen to; 2) textual lessons, which you read; and 3) learning games, which ...

27 replies - Last post by Forres - October 1, 2010

Text and commentary accompanying Audio

Tag, I have been working my way through the audio courses as I walk to & from work, but also separately through the other material online. I notice in several of the lessons, there are references made to learning more in the written materials (eg wh...

1 reply - Last post by rglover - September 23, 2010

Question about printing

There used to be a button to print off each lesson (all under lesson 3, etc.) . I now do not see this button, or any way to print off the lessons. I really need the paper lessons so that I can write on it. Can someone please help me? Also, can someone...

3 replies - Last post by annm - August 24, 2010

Rocket German Platinum vs Premium Plus

Hi, I've received an email about Rocket German Platinum, due to be released on 03 Feb 2010. This looks promising but the gist of the message suggests that this may be the same as the Premium Plus Package. Is this correct, or is it another level beyond ...

2 replies - Last post by ockerkj - August 23, 2010

Quiz 13.7.0

Question 5: Which tense is "ich will"? The quiz says that the right answer is 'future tense.' Isn't ich will the present tense of the verb wollen?

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - June 12, 2010

more inviting forum

You could label this a comment and a suggestion. I have looked at all the members to see how active the members use the forum and it seems like there is only a handful of people that have really made use of it. It seems like a couple of years since it was...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - May 14, 2010

Where are the admins?

How about (please) deleting all the worthless spam for XXX products that are littered across the forums!?

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - April 25, 2010

I'm 58. But still game to improve my mind.

I live in Inverness. Capital of the Highlands of Scotland. I would like to meet a mature educated German woman for the purpose of improving my Deutsch. For the last two years bin Ich Urlauber in Bavaria and really liked the people for their politeness ...

0 replies - Last post by jimjums - April 6, 2010

Hallo from Japan!

Guten Tag! I'm moving to Germany in April for work and have recently signed up for all the Rocket German courses. I must say that so far I'm very pleased with the course. I'm an Australian and have been living in Japan for over 20 years, so i'm well awar...

1 reply - Last post by Urbano Ballstaedt - April 4, 2010


Can you delete all of the spam being loaded by judithupshaw?

0 replies - Last post by yy0wl - March 31, 2010

Coumadin Therapy And Atrial Fibrillation

Sie sind verruckt, Judith

0 replies - Last post by kestrel - March 27, 2010

Latest Version of MegaGames

Hallo alle zusammen! We will upload a new version of the German MegaGames today. It's version 6. Enjoy Paul

2 replies - Last post by dpritchett - March 5, 2010

Lesson 2.8... not opening. When I click the lesson it goes to the page but it never loads, then the tray says "done". So ein Mist!

3 replies - Last post by Paul-Weber - February 25, 2010

Incomplete download

Hi..I prefer to download the audio lessons. I have just completed up to 2.1 Tourist Info and so far two of the audio downloads are incomplete. I have only been able to get like half of the audio lesson and it just sorts of stops after that. Any help.....

4 replies - Last post by landser - February 15, 2010

how to get the games

So easy yet so difficult. After two weeks I still can't download the games. A manager doesn't help either. Tried to order the 2cd's but clickbank's form for some lame reason won't recognize my zip code. Still waiting on their support. Is there another way...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - February 15, 2010

18.6 missing audio

the following audio is missing in lesson 18.6: audio for: Etwas rot anstreichen just taking a quick look through and it's great so far! can't wait to really get into it thanks!

3 replies - Last post by Paul-Weber - February 11, 2010


I am enjoying using the Rocket German course. I have tried many, and it definitely is the best out there. One of the items that I particularly like is at the end of the modules Nik tests the user on various phrases. I would love to see some bonus tracks...

9 replies - Last post by Glen - February 3, 2010

My Story of Learning German

I need to learn German because I'm moving to Germany in a few weeks. I lived in Bavaria for two years (from 2002-2004 in the Fuenfseenland) but that was a while ago and I am not only rusty, but I was never really that great at the language to begin with. ...

2 replies - Last post by katherineh - January 26, 2010

Missing Audio Downloads

In Stage 1 lesson 3.1, 3.2 and perhaps more, when I click on download audio, it starts to play on my computer. There does not appear to be an mp3 file to download. I downloaded all the earlier lessons without problem.

4 replies - Last post by LJM - January 3, 2010

Vocabulary Games

Hallo, I am new to Rocket German and I am learning my way around. Can anyone tell me how to access the vocabulary games? I purchased the RG download version. Danke.

1 reply - Last post by scribbler - December 31, 2009

MegaVocab options

I'd like to be able to reverse the MegaVocab and have to pick the English equivalent of the German word. I'd also like a fill in the blank option. With cognates a lot of the words are easy to guess from a list. I just opened MV up for colors and I'm asked...

0 replies - Last post by scribbler - December 31, 2009

My Story

I am persuing this endeavor of learning and eventually mastering the German language because I have applied for a foreign exchange scholarship. I will hopefully be departing in July of 2010, and staying in Germany for eleven months with a host family. Th...

0 replies - Last post by Hailey - December 25, 2009

Ich mochte bitte helfe

Ich muss meine freunde in Heidleberg schreiben. Kannst du mir helfen mit diese ubersetzung. Bitte. Wie kann ich schreibe in Deutsch. Wishing you all the warmth, all the beauty, all the happiness Christmas can bring. Ich denke es ist - Ich wuensche euch al...

3 replies - Last post by Paul-Weber - December 20, 2009


My understanding is that a "v" in German is pronounced as the English "f". On several occasions, I have heard it pronounced as a "v" when used in "von" as part of a name, eg. Baron Manfred von Richthofen. What is ...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - December 16, 2009

My reasons

Hi everyone, I recently decided to do a PGCE teacher training course starting next September, but I realised that I haven't actually done any proper learning since I finished my Horticulture degree 8 years ago. So I've started learning German again, as ...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - November 5, 2009

Errors in section 1.9

Hi! I found the last word in the excercis for 1.9 is Blume. However, for the answer section the last word is Computer. One word is out of sync. Also the audio file for 1.9 was not 100% the same as the text. Maybe you should fix this error :) Besides th...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - October 28, 2009

Umlauts reminder

In order to get your computer to write in German: ä ö etc. when writing combinations such as alt +0228, etc. you must use the number keypad, (not the numbers above the letters!) which is usually found to the right of the regular qwerty keyboard.

2 replies - Last post by xboa721 - October 19, 2009

New Version of MegaGerman

Hello, When will the audio buttons be updated?

12 replies - Last post by Paul-Weber - September 27, 2009

All for the love of a good woman

Hi folks, I'm Tony, live currently in the UK but plan to move to Germany in March/April 2010 to be with my girfriend. She is the sole reason i am trying to learn German, she spent 9 years learning English and although she is happy to help me with mein vo...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - September 20, 2009

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