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Are German's approachable chaps?

This forum is terribly fun; I hope I'm not overrunning the show... Now this is just a random question. As I have no German friends I have no one to practise with, but lets say I met a German fellow or lady and I wanted to become friends with them, how...

6 replies - Last post by lorelle - October 2, 2007

MegaGerman Mac OSX

Hello. I don't know what to do to get the MegaGerman to work on a macintosh. Real Player doesn't seem to play anything and there's no real "interface" to use. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Barry

11 replies - Last post by moccasynth - September 18, 2007

German Radio - online

I listen to the following regularly on my computer: You can also get there through links are This is a neat radio station - most of the music is in English ...

3 replies - Last post by cur1611 - September 25, 2007

Song "Kuessen Verboten" from audio lesson 2.3

I thought the song "Kuessen Verboten", by the band Die Prinzen, was a great addition to lesson 2.3. It really brought the lesson to life and got vocabulary to sink in. I would love it if you put more of that in the lessons. If you want to he...

0 replies - Last post by sommer0420 - September 20, 2007

New Member.

Hello everone. I have recently purchased Rocket German on-line. I'm sure that I have made a wise decision. The clarity of the audio transferred to CDs is believe me out of this world and making the content a pleasure to listen too. I don't mind ...

2 replies - Last post by danielheath - September 15, 2007

time zones

can someone help me? I am from Wisconsin, therefore I am Central time. What would central time be GMT+-? i dont know how to figure that out. Ein bischen hilfe, bitte. Danke

3 replies - Last post by HTumaob - August 24, 2007

Wrong Articles

what does it sound like to Germans when foreigners use the wrong article for instance "Das Katze", even though i know its Die Katze or when you use the wrong "ein". P.S. Do you have any idea when "Rocket Japanese" is comin...

4 replies - Last post by Matumic - August 24, 2007

New E-Mail address

Nathalie I will shortly be changing my Internet Service provider, and will therefore have a new E-Mail address, How do I inform you of my new E-Mail address? Regards Ken.

1 reply - Last post by Ken1 - August 22, 2007

Freund, Freunde, Freundin

Hello, i always get these messed up. which one is boyfriend, girlfriend, and friend because the dictionary confuses me! Cheers :D

1 reply - Last post by Matumic - August 17, 2007

how often are we sapost to receive newsletters?

I've only received one which was from the 6 day course i think. I got the Rocket German downloadable version and haven't got any after the 1st one. Am i doing something wrong or what? do you only get the newsletters with the package or the downloadable ve...

3 replies - Last post by Matumic - August 16, 2007

text for bonus audio lessons?

is there any text for the bonus audio lessons? if not, are there any plans on the text for the bonus audio lessons? :D P.S. are there any plans for a Rocker German Level II? Thanks

1 reply - Last post by Matumic - August 15, 2007


If anyone is interested in Rock/Pop music "AK4711" is a very good all female German band. All the songs are in German, so it's good practice to sing along with!

5 replies - Last post by (deleted) - September 12, 2006

which level can you reach?

(I write here my question as I wasn't able to post it in the FAQ part of the forum). I'm thinking of buying Rocket German and therefore curious about what level you can reach using it, so I will be glad if you could tell me some sample sentemces you shoul...

7 replies - Last post by angie14 - October 25, 2006

The difference between "geben" and "schenken&

Hi Nathalie, I was chking out the verbs and I was wandering what the difference is between "geben" and "schenken"? It says that they are both "to give". Plus ... I noticed in the future for "geben" it's the sa...

2 replies - Last post by sovereign - July 11, 2007

Learning German quickly

My girlfriend is German and her father is coming to visit the United States in September. I just started learning with Rocket German and so far things are going well. I am hoping I can be somewhat fluent in 3 months. She helps me a little when we are t...

1 reply - Last post by LSButts - June 2, 2007


Does anyone have a recipe for this? (In English or German) It tastes great! Mmmmmm...

6 replies - Last post by Mark-K - April 30, 2007

What do others think?

What has the response been like from other people who have purchased rocket german?

6 replies - Last post by ockerkj - February 15, 2007

Just started using Rocket German......

And I'm really happy! I haven't listened to any of the audio tracks completely, only bits and pieces, but I plan to burn them to cd and listen on the drive to work. I like how there is a forum to ask questions in too. Thanks guys, Sean

6 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 12, 2006

Website problems

Have there been problems with the website and forum? I purchased the course and signed up on the forum last week. This afternoon I was unable to sign in to the members area until I resigned up with the same info from last week. That included clicking t...

1 reply - Last post by GermanNoviceB - October 1, 2006

6 day course

I must say... I just started your 6 day course and it is terribly entertaining. I can't believe I was laughing within the first minute of listening. And what's more, I was shocked that without even noticing or trying I have just learned how to greet som...

1 reply - Last post by Karl - July 27, 2006

German speaking place

Hallo Alle, I wonder (just an idea) if we could have a place here at the forums for ONLY speak or write in german, I know we just started the course, like me, but I´m sure that this litltle knowledge will increase with the time and this could be a good w...

2 replies - Last post by Karl - July 27, 2006

Is the 6 Day Course free?

Yes, the Rocket German 6 Day Course is completely free and available to you with absolutely no obligation to do anything! The 6 Day Course includes the first 3 Interactive Audio Lessons, so make sure that you sign up for it! :D

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

How do I sign up for the 6 Day Course?

To sign up for the free 6-day course, simply click on "Free 6 Day Course" at the top left of the forum. This will take you straight to the sign up page. You can also go to our homepage at On the left hand side ...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

What do I do if I can't hear any sound on my 6-day course?

The first thing you should do is ensure you are opening the 6 day course in Explorer as opposed to Firefox or Safari. Ensure that your volume is not on mute. You could also try downloading the Shockwave plug-in from the following link. You need this plug-...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Why haven't I received my 6 day course?

There are a few reasons why, after you have signed up for the 6 day course, that you haven't received it! It may have been spam-blocked! Please make sure that you have not spam-blocked the email address "[email protected]" This is the us...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Why can't I access the 6 day course?

Usually the only reason that you will not be able to access the 6 day course is if the server is down. However, if the server is down then it would be highly unlikely that you would be reading this page! If you think that this is not the reason then pl...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

How long does my Rocket German Membership last?

When you order a Rocket Languages product you get lifetime access to the Members Area for that product! This includes any changes and improvements that we make to that product! Please note that if we produce an "Advanced" or "Beyond Advance...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

What are the computer system requirements?

Computer requirements Windows Users - Windows 98, NT4, 2000, XP - 166 MHz or faster CPU - 32 MB RAM Mac Users - Classic Mode or OS X - 120 MHz PowerPC - 32 MB RAM

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Did my order go through?

You can tell if you have ordered your Rocket Languages product by the fact that you would have received an email from "[email protected]". You should also have been re-directed to the Members Area right after you ordered. If you think yo...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Did I order more than once?

You can tell if you have mistakenly ordered more than once by the fact that you would have received more than one email from "[email protected]". Each email would have a different receipt number on it. You can always look at your credit ...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Why doesn't the Clickbank order form work?

Clickbank does go offline temporarily from time to time (like most web sites), while this can be very annoying usually it is only very temporary and within 15 minutes or so it will be back online. If you find that the Clickbank order form is not worki...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Are my credit card details secure?

Yes. We use two of the worlds leading 3rd party credit card payment processors, Clickbank and 2Checkout. We use Clickbank for the download version of Rocket German and 2Checkout for the Rocket German Hardcopy. Clickbank is VeriSign secure and are consider...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

How do I unsubscribe from the 6 Day Course?

Easy! Please open the newsletter email that you received from Rocket German. At the very bottom there is a link that says "To unsubscribe or change subscriber options" If you click on that link you will be able to unsu...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Will my email address be passed on to spammers?

We will NEVER pass your email address on to spammers! Over half of the emails that Rocket Languages get are spam, and it is extremely annoying and frustrating, so there is absolutely no way that we are going to contribute to their cause.

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

What progams do I need on my computer to view the course?

The Rocket German download requires that you have Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or better installed on your computer. This can be downloaded for free from the following website:

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

Can I put the audio lessons onto my iPod/MP3 player?

The audio lessons for both the free course and the download can be saved onto your computer by right clicking and selecting Save Target As (for PC users) or by clicking on the download links (Mac users). Once they are saved, you can click on the MP3 file ...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

The links on my free 6 day course aren't working!

If the link is not working when you click on it, you could try copying and pasting the link into your address bar. If the website is down, you might like to try the link again after a few hours. If it is still not working, please contact us using the Cont...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 6, 2006

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