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Games setting

I'm new here and like the idea of the vocabulary and phrase games. However, I think they would be more educational if they used Hangul instead of romanized Korean. Are there any plans to set an option for Hangul?

9 replies - Last post by eric-mcgough - April 22, 2013

Getting Started

Hey. I've just got Rocket Korean and I've gone through most of the material included in the trial version. I was just wondering how other people are tackling the course. Do you just start from the first lesson and work your way throughout the whole thing?...

4 replies - Last post by eric-mcgough - April 13, 2013

Korean alphabet infographic

Hi everyone Thought I'd share this handy infographic I found :) http://themetapicture.com/learn-to-read-korean-in-15-minutes/

1 reply - Last post by eric-mcgough - March 16, 2013

add new levels

i was wondering if you guys could add an advanced korean lesson that would be much appreciated. thanks in advance

10 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - March 8, 2013

Will PDFs be available for the practice section of the course in the future?

I'm really enjoying the 2013 but I was wondering if the Pdfs will ever extend to the other examples that are at the end of the lesson in the practice section.

3 replies - Last post by Mandy--1 - January 24, 2013

Convo Audio Files

Is there anyway to just download the conversation files? you know, the shorter audio files at the bottom of the lessons. And is there a way to download them individually so you can pick which ones you want? Sorry if this is a simple thing, I just joined a...

2 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - January 23, 2013

New Layout

I like the new layout! 너무 멋있어! I just wanted to tell you guys to keep up the good work with Rocket Korean! Its a really good program.

4 replies - Last post by Jeremy V - December 1, 2012

how to print out the lessons?

Congratulation to the new design. It has a modern look. However, with the new layout, I have not been able to find the place where I can download the interactive audio lessions so I can print it out and use the hard copy when I listen to the audio. Is ...

5 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - August 1, 2012

Viewing the lesson issues

Hi, Are you guys editing the lessons/website? Because today when I tried to do a lesson, the romanized section doesn't appear. Also, my Vocab doesn't work properly today either.

1 reply - Last post by sujung-lee - August 4, 2011

What's included in the course material?

Welcome, What material is included in the course? First of all : *Thank you for purchasing Rocket Korean Premium course.* The download version of the course includes -Membership to the Rocket Korean Premium Learning Lounge, -32 track Interactive Audi...

2 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - June 21, 2011

How long does my Rocket Korean membership last?

When you order a Rocket Languages product you get lifetime access to the Members Area for that product! This includes any changes and improvements that we make to that product! Please note that if we produce a "Premium Plus" or "Platinu...

7 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - May 31, 2011

Download Issues

Hi, I have tried to download the MegaKorean_v7 for PC however the file only downloads 4.78MB and states that the file is corrupted. I have also had this trouble when trying to download the Interactive Audio for Lesson 1.3 Have you Eaten (Part 1).

2 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - May 6, 2011

Can I put the audio lessons onto my iPod/MP3 player?

Yes, you can. You just need to download the audio lessons to your PC or Mac first by right clicking on the individual download links in each lesson. Then select Save Target As or Save Link As. Make sure to save the audio files in a location on your ha...

2 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - May 6, 2011

December Updates

Hi Everyone Jason here, the CEO of Rocket Languages. Those that have been with Rocket Languages for a while will have noticed many gradual changes and face-lifts over the last couple of years. Most of these changes have come from suggestions that members...

0 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - December 10, 2010

Some guidelines

Here are some guidelines on how to get the most out of your Rocket korean course: Rocket Korean Premium is a beginner's course in three main components: 1) audio lessons 2) text lessons and 3) learning games But all three components have one thing...

0 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - June 18, 2010

How to access the audio lessons in my pc?

It's easy! In order to download the Interactive Audio Lessons in your PC, please follow the instructions : 1. When you first login please click on "Your course" 2. When you scroll down you will be able to see blue tabs. 3. The first blue tab...

0 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - June 18, 2010

Did I order more than once?

Hi there, You can tell if you have mistakenly ordered more than once by the fact that you would have received more than one email from "[email protected]". Each email would have a different receipt number on it. You can always look at your...

0 replies - Last post by sujung-lee - June 18, 2010

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