Airport in German

If you’re travelling on a plane in Germany, you need to know what to say at the airport in German. Make sure your journey goes smoothly with this online German audio lesson. By the time you’re done you’ll have some handy words and phrases to pack in your German language kit!

Maybe you’re looking for the departure hall, or you want to ask for a window seat. Perhaps you want to find out when your flight is boarding. Stick with Rocket German and we’ll help to get you on the plane safely and on time - in German!

Let's check out this lesson on airport in German!

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Pronouncing airport in German

Follow the English translation and listen carefully to the audio. Now practice saying the German phrases aloud… imagine you’ve just arrived at the airport and there’s a native German speaker smiling at you from behind the counter… How can she help you?

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Airplane in German

der Flughafen


der Eingang


der Ausgang


die Abflugshalle

Departure Hall

die Ankunftshalle

Arrival Hall

die Passkontrolle


das Gate


Now, here are the important questions that you will need when checking in at the counter (“der Schalter”). Listen to each word and its English translation and repeat the words aloud.

Wann muß ich am Gate sein?

When do I have to be at the gate?

Wie lange ist der Flug?

How long is the flight?

Wie lange ist der Zwischenstop?

How long is the layover?

Werden Sie eine warme Mahlzeit servieren?

Will you serve a hot meal?

Ist der Flug sehr voll?

Is the flight very busy?

Brauche ich ein Visum?

Do I need a visa?

Wie lange ist das Visum gültig?

How long is the visa valid for?

Wie viele Gepäckstücke kann ich mitnehmen?

How many pieces of luggage can I take?

Some people prefer window seats, some want to sit close to the aisle. I always ask for a window seat, that way I can get a first impression of the city we are going to land in, from above. Whichever one you prefer, here are the German words for it…

der Fensterplatz

Window seat

der Gangplatz

Aisle seat

Ich möchte bitte einen Fensterplatz haben.

I would like to have a window seat, please.

Ich möchte bitte einen Gangplatz haben.

I would like to have an aisle seat, please.

Here are some possible answers you might get…

When do I have to be at the gate?

Sie müssen 15 Minuten vor Abflug am Gate sein.

You have to be at the gate fifteen minutes prior to departure.

Leider haben wir keine freien Fensterplätze mehr.

Unfortunately, we don't have any window seats left.

Sie brauchen kein Visum.

You won't need a visa.

Wir werden einen kalten Snack und Abendessen servieren.

We'll serve a cold snack and dinner.

Sie können nur ein Stück Handgepäck mitnehmen.

You can only take one piece of hand luggage.

Ihr Gepäck ist zu schwer.

Your luggage is too heavy.

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Bis bald!

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