Booking a hotel in German

Before you try booking a hotel in German, check out this free audio lesson! The Rocket German team will walk you through a typical German conversation so you can talk to the receptionist or speak on the phone with confidence.

After this you’ll know how to ask questions like “how much?” and “how many” and a few more helpful phrases besides. Listen to the audio and practice speaking aloud. Let’s impress your travel companions with your German language skills!

Booking a hotel in German

Haben Sie ein Zimmer frei?

Do you have a room available?

Do you have a room available?

Two useful words to know at this point are “ein Zimmer”, a room, and “frei”, available or literally free. The receptionist may respond…

Ja, wir haben noch freie Zimmer.

Yes, we still have rooms available.

Nein, wir haben leider keine freien Zimmer.

No, unfortunately we have no rooms available.

Nein, wir sind leider ausgebucht.

No, we are booked out.

When asking for the price the receptionist at the hotel will need to know for how many people and for how many nights you want the room.

Für wie viele Personen?

For how many people?

Für wie viele Nächte?

For how many nights?

You might answer:

Für zwei Personen.

For two people.

Für eine Nacht.

For one night.

The receptionist may also ask whether you want a single or a double room.

Ein Einzelzimmer

A single room

Ein Doppelzimmer

A double room

A double room

Your answer may look like this…

Ein Einzelzimmer für zwei Nächte bitte.

A single room for two nights, please.

Ein Doppelzimmer für eine Nacht bitte.

A double room for one night, please.

When asking for the price simply say “Wie viel kostet…” 'How much is it for…', and add the type of room and number of nights you want. For example:

Wie viel kostet ein Einzelzimmer für zwei Nächte?

How much is it for a single room for two nights?

Wie viel kostet ein Doppelzimmer für eine Nacht?

How much is it for a double room for one night?

Das kostet siebzig Euro pro Nacht.

That costs 70 euros per night.

Das kostet fϋnfundvierzig Euro pro Person.

That costs 45 euros per person.

Ein Doppelzimmer kostet fϋnfundvierzig Euro pro Person.

A double room costs 45 euros per person.

Ein Einzelzimmer kostet fünfzig Euro pro Nacht.

A single room costs 50 euros per night.

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