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Rocket Languages Blog

Rocket Languages Blog

Language-Learning Myth 7 Less Common Languages Won't Help Me

In the village of Ayapa, Mexico, the once-vibrant language Ayapa Zoque is about to die. Only two speakers remain—elderly men named Manuel and Isidro—and they refuse to speak to each other. For years, linguistic anthropologists have been trying to get the two men to communicate in order to...

2 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar -
Feb 14, 2018

Language-Learning Myth #6 Some People Are Just Naturally Good at Learning Languages

My best friend speaks six languages. Yes, six. She has rented an apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia; set up shop in Frankfurt, Germany; fallen in love in Nice, France; and spent years speaking Creole with her relatives in New Orleans, Louisiana. To top it off, although I’ve studied Spanish...

6 replies - Last post by the-hefay -
Feb 12, 2018

Language-Learning Myth #5 - I Speak English… That’s Good Enough.

Last November, I got trapped in Senegal. After spending a few months traveling through East and West Africa, I was eager to get home, cook Thanksgiving dinner and finally sleep without a mosquito net. But when I arrived to my flight, the attendant tore up my ticket. He said, “Vous ne pouvez...

5 replies - Last post by MatthewS42 -
Jan 29, 2018

Language-Learning Myth#4 - Learning a Business Language is the Same as Learning Another Language

The modern world is more globalized than ever. You can eat breakfast while Skyping a CEO in Hong Kong, email English marketing executives over lunch, and conference call an entrepreneur in Qatar before dinner. Given our globalized reality, you’ve probably considered learning another language...

3 replies - Last post by MatthewS42 -
Feb 7, 2018

Language-Learning Myth #3 - Traditional Instruction Is the Key to Success

If you slip into my study, you’ll crash into a mountain of Spanish textbooks. You’ll have to step over Advanced Spanish Step-by-Step and Complete Spanish just to reach my desk, where it will take you more than an hour to sift through the half-scribbled worksheets, ink-stained essays and...

2 replies - Last post by joseph-schmo -
Dec 30, 2017

Language-Learning Myth #2 - Learn a Language in 10 Day! How long does it really take?

Riddle me this. One person has studied French for two years. One person has studied French for ten days. Who’s the better French-speaker? The answer? It’s impossible to tell. Maybe the person who studied French for two years only shows up for class once a month, rarely attempts homework...

3 replies - Last post by junalynbadua-17 -
Jan 19, 2018

Language-Learning Myth #1 - Translation Tools Are Good Enough to Get By

This is part 1 of a series on common language learning myths. Congratulations! You know 103 languages. Or, at least, you basically do. With the magic of Google Translate, you can communicate flawlessly and fluently in everything from Afrikaans to Zulu. Just type in what you want to say, press...

4 replies - Last post by joseph-schmo -
Dec 30, 2017

Subliminal Language Learning: Does It Really Work?

Pop on a pair of headphones before bed and learn Italian in your dreams. Play Vietnamese radio while you cook and absorb vocabulary while chopping onions. Turn on an Arabic TV show without subtitles and let the colloquialisms wash over you. In no time, you’re guaranteed to be...

6 replies - Last post by joseph-schmo -
Dec 20, 2017

Changes for the Rocket Languages 2018 Edition released early

Hi all I wanted to point out a few changes that we have made to the members area interface on desktop computers and laptops, just so no-one gets confused! These changes are part of our roll-out for the 2018 Edition. Over the next few months we will be releasing more features to help with your...

68 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Nov 23, 2017

Romance Languages: What Are They and Why Should You Learn One?

When we think of Romance languages, an image of Don Juan or romantic, wine-drinking lovers may come to mind. While meeting your better half and learning a romance language don’t always come hand-in-hand (actually, learning a romance language is easier!), there are plenty of other reasons to...

3 replies - Last post by Graeme -TE1q -
Aug 6, 2017

How to Improve Your Accent

Cynthia and Richard Murphy were your average Americans: Cynthia worked at a bank and Richard was a stay-at-home dad helping to raise their young daughters. They had been living in the suburban New Jersey neighborhood for years. Their children went to local schools, the family always greeted the...

21 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar -
Jul 18, 2017

Rocket Languages latest release

Bonjour tout le monde We have just released a semi-major update that includes some new features and some upgrades to existing features. These changes/updates are of course free to all members :) FlashCards: Adding images Members now have the ability to add images to FlashCards when on a...

10 replies - Last post by jolietil -
Jul 3, 2017

9 Hacks to Improve Your Writing Skills in Your Foreign Language

We all want to communicate well, no matter what the language, and writing is an integral part of this. Naturally, writing in our native language feels easier and less awkward compared to writing in our foreign language. This becomes pretty obvious the second we pick up a pen or turn on our...

9 replies - Last post by jolietil -
May 24, 2017

10 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in a Foreign Language

You've started learning a foreign language. You memorize new vocabulary words, use flashcards, study new grammar topics, and then comes the moment of truth: you meet a native speaker. Excited and nervous to show off what you've learned, you start to speak and...freeze. Wait... how do you say...

14 replies - Last post by Grayhawk -
Apr 12, 2017

How to Say Thank You in 50 Languages

While Thanksgiving isn't until the end of the year in the United States and Canada, it's a great time to start learning how to say "thank you" in as many languages as possible! If you wanted to say thank you to everyone on the planet, you'd probably need to learn around 7,000 languages....

7 replies - Last post by jolietil -
Jun 10, 2017

5 Things You Need to Know About Adults and Language Learning

"I gave up studying philosophy. After all, when will I ever need it in my daily life?" "There's no way I'll ever sing like Adele, so what's the point in even taking lessons?" "What's the use of learning tennis if I won't even be good enough to compete?" What do you think about these...

18 replies - Last post by jolietil -
Mar 11, 2017

Which Language Should You Learn?

Are you thinking about learning a new language? If so, congratulations! You're about to embark on a fascinating and rewarding journey that is filled with countless benefits. Do you know which language you would like to learn? If not, you're not alone. Believe it or not, many people who consider...

18 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar -
Feb 7, 2017

Language and Politics: 5 Ways They Have Worked Together to Change the World

This is a guest post by Andrea Reisenauer Between the Brexit, the recent US election and important upcoming elections in France, Germany and Iran, 2016 and 2017 will mark significant years in world politics. From immigration policy to legislative representation, language has taken to the stage...

6 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 -
Jan 12, 2017

20 of the World's Most Beautiful Untranslatable Words

By Andrea Reisenauer, guest blogger. As every language learner probably knows, translating between two languages is no easy task. Each language has its own linguistic, grammatical and semantic complexities, and many ideas are simply "lost in translation." The relationship between words and...

6 replies - Last post by KellyMJara -
Nov 29, 2016

Speed Learning Languages: Is it really possible?

The 21st century has brought more than just new technology and globalization. It's also brought with it a more fast-paced and impatient society than ever before, a society that no longer has the time it once had to sit in a language class and study a textbook. Learning a foreign language has...

15 replies - Last post by trutenor -
Nov 27, 2016

The Most Spoken Language in the World

By Andrea Reisenauer, guest blogger. A few months ago, we took a look at some of the world's most spoken languages. From Spanish to Russian to Arabic and everything in between, the world's 15 most spoken languages are spoken by nearly half of the world's population in 2007. There's one...

3 replies - Last post by David K -
Nov 14, 2016

Rocket Languages 2017 Edition launch

Hi all The team here at Rocket have been putting in some long hours to get the 2017 Edition of Rocket Languages across the line and I am excited to announce that it is now live! For current members the 2017 Edition is free as part of our "Free updates for life" policy. So, why not login and...

45 replies - Last post by KellyMJara -
Nov 3, 2016

How to Become Conversational in a Language

By Andrea Reisenauer, guest blogger. Becoming Conversational: Five Tips for "Fluency" You've started learning a new language. You memorize new vocabulary words, use flashcards, practice conjugating verbs, study new grammar topics, and then comes the moment of truth: you meet a native speaker....

15 replies - Last post by Brittany--107 -
Oct 4, 2016

The 10 Most Useful Business Languages for English Speakers

By Andrea Reisenauer, guest blogger. While English is the most widely used language for business, academia and tourism, speaking only English is a major disadvantage in today's job market. The job market is more competitive and globalized than ever before, and successful candidates must be...

7 replies - Last post by trutenor -
Sep 17, 2016

Is it Possible to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time?

Maybe you've been studying German for years but are now required to study Spanish for an upcoming business trip to Mexico. Perhaps you're a college student with a minor in French but an interesting Arabic class has caught your eye. Or maybe you're simply impatient and would like to learn both...

10 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar -
Sep 12, 2016

The Best Language Learning Software?

Recently, we talked about whether or not it's really possible to learn a language online (for those who missed it, the short answer is: yes!). There is a catch, though. While it is possible to learn a language online, it's only possible for those who take advantage of their resources, practice...

9 replies - Last post by Joe-S7 -
Oct 23, 2016

Language Learning Myths: Adults and Language Learning

Learning a language is a fascinating, complex journey into a new culture and way of thinking. It forces us to challenge our minds, memories and mouths and to step out of our comfort zones. For many of us adults, this can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. We're so accustomed to speaking...

15 replies - Last post by Rodney-J -
Aug 23, 2017

The Top 10 Spanish Language Hacks: Learn Spanish in Half the Time

Spanish Hacks! As one of the world's most spoken languages and the second most spoken language in the United States, there's never been a better time to learn Spanish. Whether you've been studying Spanish for years or are considering giving Spanish a try, the following 10 hacks and simple...

7 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Jul 30, 2016

The 15 Most Spoken Languages in the World

Recently, we took a look at how many languages there are in the world today . The answer was quite astounding, and proved that there are even more languages out there than we can imagine. Many of these languages, however, have very few remaining speakers. While many of the world's endangered...

8 replies - Last post by David K -
Aug 3, 2016

The Latest Rocket Languages Update!

Hi all We recently pushed out a significant update to the Rocket Languages members areas! The main differences that you will notice are: The page load times should be faster and general functionality will also happen more quickly. The badges and points system has had a complete code-base...

17 replies - Last post by David K -
Jul 18, 2016

The Languages of Love: The 5 Most Romantic Languages

Summer is just around the corner, and all those spring flowers and warm, sunny days will soon transform into a very romantic season. Whether planning a cozy picnic in the park, a relaxing day at the beach, or a trip to a romantic destination, summer is the perfect time to fall in love or fall in...

9 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 13, 2016

Learn a Language Online

Does learning a language online really work? Everywhere you turn, whether it be at work or a local restaurant, you're surrounded by data, the internet, computers, tablets and smart phones. If technology follows you everywhere you go, then why not use it to learn a language? More and more people...

6 replies - Last post by Diana-S1 -
Jul 25, 2016

​How to Say "Hello" in the World's Most Spoken Languages

If you wanted to say hello to everyone on the planet, you'd probably need to learn around 7,000 languages. Fortunately, however, there's a better way to greet as many people on the globe as possible. By learning how to say "hello" in the world's 50 most spoken languages, you would be able to say...

17 replies - Last post by David K -
Jul 19, 2016

NOTIFICATION of upcoming maintenance! Monday May 9th from 2:30am EST

Hi everyone On Monday, May 9, 2016 between 2:30 AM and 6:30 AM EST, Rocket Languages will be conducting system maintenance. (You can check out what time/day this is in your area here.) Please be advised that the entire site will be unavailable during this time. If you really want to do some...

17 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Jun 28, 2016

Why You Should Learn a Dead Language

Ancient Greek texts, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Old Norse Viking ruins...Who isn't fascinated by the languages of the past? Whether you're hoping to go on an Indiana-Jones-style adventure, read ancient sacred texts, learn from the past or simply hope to learn modern languages more easily, learning...

11 replies - Last post by David K -
Jul 19, 2016

How Are Languages Learned?

My grandmother recently started learning Spanish. Now, every time we excitedly speak together, I try and see how much she remembers by asking her basic questions like "¿Cómo estás?" and "¿Cómo te llamas?" It's amazing how much she remembers, and I think it even surprises her.  "I feel...

19 replies - Last post by Grant-K1 -
Jul 22, 2016

How Many Languages Are There?

How many languages do you think there are in the world? Several hundred? Several thousand, maybe? It's a very simple question, but the answer isn't quite so simple. Before we take a look at the numbers, let's talk a little bit about why counting the number of languages in the world isn't as easy...

7 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 -
Apr 12, 2016

The Most Difficult Languages to Learn

The Three Most Difficult Languages for English Speakers to Learn Learning a language isn't easy, and some languages are naturally more difficult than others, especially for us native English speakers. There are over 6,500 languages spoken throughout the world today, and every one of these...

10 replies - Last post by Kyra-916 -
Apr 26, 2016

How to Learn a Language Fast

In our increasingly global and high speed world, there is more information at our fingertips than ever before, and we're also more impatient to attain it. We want to maximize our time as much as possible, and the same goes for language learning. The question is no longer how to learn a language,...

3 replies - Last post by jps-phr -
Mar 26, 2016

The Benefits of Learning a Language

What are the benefits of learning another language? Does learning a foreign language just seem like too much work to be worth your time? Are you worried that learning a second--or third, or fourth--language will just result in confusion? If so, you're not alone. Many believe that learning a new...

19 replies - Last post by Maisarah -
Jul 15, 2016

How Long does it Take to Learn a Language?

Let's face it: you've probably got a busy life. Between work or school, family, friends, chores, errands, appointments, and just relaxing every once in a while, there's never enough time in the day...And now you've decided to take on a whole new challenge by learning a new language. Whether it...

17 replies - Last post by Hasan166 -
Oct 2, 2017

The Best Languages for Americans to Learn (Besides English!)

Before starting to learn a new language, one of the first questions on everyone's mind is which language is the best to learn. No, they're not talking about whether or not the language sounds sexy or used to be spoken by samurai. By "best" language, they're usually referring to the most...

15 replies - Last post by caderatt -
May 4, 2016

Hotkeys are here!

Hi all Just a quick note about a new feature that several people have been asking for... Hotkeys! Hotkeys help speed up the process of going through various functions on your desktop/laptop browser. Instead of having to use your mouse, you can just press a key on your keyboard! In the Testing...

22 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Apr 16, 2016

The Best Way to Learn a Language

From traveling to textbooks and speaking to software, there are more ways to learn a language than ever before. With all of the options out there, it's also more difficult to chose the best method for you than ever before. So what's the best way to learn a language? There are five basic...

19 replies - Last post by jolietil -
May 29, 2017

Language Learning FlashCard games: Update!

Hi to all I am excited to announce that we have just released a significant update to the FlashCard system. The major changes include; The ability to set what you see on each side of the FlashCard. For example those members using the Chinese FlashCards can choose to see any combination of...

30 replies - Last post by Ph0t0n -
Feb 10, 2016

How to Learn a Language: 15 Language Learning Tips and Tricks

Have you always wanted to know how to learn a new language, but don't even know where to start? The very idea of learning a language can be overwhelming, especially for those without previous language learning experience. With the right knowledge, expectations, motivation, and dedication,...

1 reply - Last post by KelllaurBailar -
Dec 9, 2015

New Rocket Languages voice recognition feature

Bonjour tout le monde Some of you may have noticed a new feature that has been added to the sidebar of your Rocket Languages course! It looks like this; What this does is allow you to set the difficulty level of Rocket Record to suit your learning style. As the difficulty levels get harder...

33 replies - Last post by Tony-S10 -
Mar 8, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Are Not Too Old to Learn a Language

How many times have you made the excuse that you’re just too old to learn a new language? Well, I hate to tell you this, but that’s a pretty transparent excuse for not wanting to learn. The truth is, it is entirely possible, even easy to learn a language when you’re older. Studies are...

2 replies - Last post by Tony-S10 -
Mar 8, 2016

The Three Easiest Languages for English Speakers to Learn

Let's face it: learning a language isn't easy, and the time and effort involved in becoming proficient in a foreign language can be discouraging. From vocabulary to pronunciation and all those tricky verbs, language learning is a time-consuming, and often frustrating process. Luckily for...

12 replies - Last post by lisaheart07 -
Jan 13, 2016

An apology and details regarding the 2016 Edition

Hi all Your feedback has resonated with us loud and clear. While for the majority of people the 2016 Edition works fine, for a significant few the experience hasn't been great and for that I apologize. Some people have asked how it got to this stage when the old system worked well for them, for...

49 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Nov 18, 2015

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