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Arabic Grammar

By taking the time to understand how the Arabic language works, you'll be able to speak Arabic naturally, and read and write in Arabic. We know this can be one of the more challenging parts of your course, and we’re here to help! You can browse the topics, do a search in the top right corner of this page, or start a new topic at the bottom. Don’t be shy!

Pronouncing ahlan wa sahlan

I am having trouble pronouncing  ahlan wa sahlan. Saying it 50 times on easy I will get mostly 70% scores, a few 30% and maybe one or two 100%. I am trying to mimic the examples as close as possible but can't figure out how I get the rare 100%'s. Is this phrase commonly difficult for beginners...

0 replies - Last post by Aaron998 -
Apr 9, 2019

Arabic pronunciation

How to correctly pronounce all of the Arabic letters. And for instance Farrah is written with only frh so what happened to the other letters that’s not even involved in the script. Please clarify thanks

0 replies - Last post by Almira5 -
Dec 8, 2018

Arabic in the Gulf

Dear Amirah I am a new user and ave just started with the Arabic lessns. I am howeveran expat living in Bhrain, and realise that the lessons teach Egyptian Arabic. Is this a problem fo me? I am very keen to start practicing with my local colleagues.Is there any way we could include some Gulf...

10 replies - Last post by Almira5 -
Dec 8, 2018


How do you make the Kha and the Gha sound? You guys make the sound but you don’t explicitly explain it to us. Please help thanks really appreciate it if you can explain it in detail.

1 reply - Last post by Maria7m -
Oct 15, 2018

The letters س and ص

Please, there are some rules to write the letters س and ص? I don't know when have to write one and another. Shukran

0 replies - Last post by Maria7m -
Oct 15, 2018

Egyptian Arabic Sentence Structure

In classical Arabic the sentence structure is VSO, verb subject object. Is this also true in Egyptian Arabic?

0 replies - Last post by luke -
Feb 14, 2018

كم تبلغ من العمر؟

كم تبلغ من العمر

4 replies - Last post by Ramsey-P -
Feb 1, 2018

What are all the basic pronouns in Arabic?

I would like to know all of the basic subject and object pronouns in Arabic. The lessons only seem to include, "I," "you," and "you" (plural). How are "we," "he," "she," "they," "me," "you" (if there is another way to say you as an object), "us," "him," "her," and "them?"

3 replies - Last post by Noha-Rocket-Arabic-Tutor -
Sep 12, 2017

Letter Placement's Affect on Sound

Good day friends, I have a small quandary that I assume most of you can quickly address. In lesson 2.1.1 it is stated that Alef in the middle of a word carries the 'A' sound, as appose to the 'a' sound. Yet later the word حمار is pronounced 7omar instead of as 7omAr. Is this an exception,...

3 replies - Last post by Ph0t0n -
Aug 11, 2017

ة vs ه suffix

Most of the coursework I've done online and via phone apps and books have used ة at the end of words like سنة , however, this course ends words with ه most of the time (see  https://members.rocketlanguages.com/members/arabic/lessons/1211/arabic-pronunciation for lots of examples).  From...

8 replies - Last post by eiman-k-elmasry -
Aug 3, 2016

Lesson Order

When first beginning to learn Arabic, should I learn the alphabet first? In what order should I do the lessons?  

2 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 20, 2016

Simple vowel lessons?

Is there any way someone could help me with vowel lessons (like what is a hamza, diphthong, etc) because I really want to continue learning the alphabet but I don't have the money to purchase the full version, even with the discounted price. Also what is the name "Taylor" in Arabic? :) I would...

9 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 20, 2016

Masr and Misr

Hello, Perhaps I missed the lesson on gender, but my question is this. Is the pronounciation of Eqypt in Arabic gender based? I noticed the male pronounces it Masr and the female pronounces it Misr.

3 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 17, 2016


what is the translation of my family in arabic?

3 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 17, 2016

How long have I been studying arabic?

Hi- I know how to say I have been studying arabic for 1 month (as this is covered in one of the lessons) But how would I say, I have been studying arabic for 6 months for instance? thanks

4 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 16, 2016

Meaning of an Arabic phrase

I have a book of Arabic stories for beginners and in it there is a reoccuring phrase in which I can mostly understand the single words but not their meaning when put together. The phrase is this: Fee yom mn al-ayam... Can anyone help me?

5 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 15, 2016

Arabic typing tutor software guided in English

Hi everyone, My name is Anh. I started learning Arabic on Rocket Languages not long ago. I'm writing to ask if any of you knows a good Arabic typing tutor software in English that could help in typing Arabic with 10 fingers. All the Arabic typing softwares I searched on the Internet is guided...

5 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 15, 2016

about "t" in arabic grammar

Hello, Why do we put litter "t" at the beginning of some words to show that it is sentence for past tense like "Teheb" when we ask if u want to drink something and we do not put "t" any more in word about that I want to try and we say "gharreb" and not "tgharreb"? thank you Barbara

3 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 15, 2016

present tense grammar....written differently in audio lessons verses grammar section

The audio lessons 1.2 asks do you speak Arabic....they spell you speak with betitkalem....our grammar lessons say present tense is "bit"....really confused

4 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 14, 2016



5 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 14, 2016

As you want, in Arabic from Egypt.

How we can say: As you like , in Egyptian Arabic ?

3 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 13, 2016

past tense

i need rules for grammar for past tense for future and present not just some exemples

8 replies - Last post by crisfreitas -
Jul 13, 2016

Assalamu aleikum, ahlan bekum, lao samarte, can explain to me about this letter; لا - Shukran

Assalamu aleikum, ahlan bekum, lao samarte, can explain to me about this letter; لا - How to use it? what meaning? Shukran

5 replies - Last post by rocket-arabic-amr -
Mar 11, 2015

Writing in Arabic (in lessons)

I have been working on the Arabic program for over a week but have skipped the writing portion of the sections. this was because i was waiting for the lessons in which the alphabet is explained. is this the correct approach?

1 reply - Last post by khaduj -
Oct 19, 2014

What is "بقالك"?

I was going over the dialogue of previous lessons to make sure I had a firm grasp of Arabic grammar, and this stumped me. What exactly does بقالك mean? I understand that the sentence بقالك اد اية بتدرس عربي means "how long have you been studying Arabic", and the lesson...

11 replies - Last post by khaduj -
Oct 18, 2014

Non-human plural subject-nouns in verbal sentences

I think that the rule requiring agreeing-words to be feminine singular applies, not when the SUBJECT of the verbal sentence is plural, but only when the SUBJECT-NOUN (or 1st one, if there is more than one) is plural. So the rule applies to sentences in which the subject is in the form "The As"...

0 replies - Last post by paieye-- -
Jun 2, 2014

Arabic calligraphy

How can I learn write Arabic calligraphy? By this course, I can learn only in the Brazilian calligraphy. I read that there are this kinds: Kufi Naskh Thuluth Ruq’ai Diwani Taliq ou Farsi As I'll travel to Egypt, I want know. How Egyptian people write?

1 reply - Last post by salma-rocket-hindi-tutor -
Mar 23, 2014

Grammar lesson accompanying Lesson 1.1 Basic Introductions

In Lesson 1.1 Basic Introductions, the interactive audio says there will be a grammar lesson accompanying this lesson. Where do we access that grammar lesson?

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
Mar 8, 2013

Egyptian Arabic and writing

Hello! I have been working on this program becuase I am studying Egyptian literature and want to understand the language. Is this program teaching standard Arabic or Egyptian Arabic? What does it mean that there is no written form of Egyptian Arabic: Can you explain? Thank you in advance! Kim

5 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
Jan 23, 2013

Arabic grammar lessons?

Ahlan Samira If you are looking for grammar lessons, please check out the Language & Culture lessons. These are the last 4 or 5 lessons in each section. I hope this helps! - Amira

7 replies - Last post by Mona--3 -
Apr 11, 2012


Hey, if you have any pressing questions regarding Arabic grammar, word order, structure, etc please let us know. We are here to help. Looking forward to hearing from you. Amira

7 replies - Last post by Hubert-N -
Dec 20, 2011

Arabic text

Dear Amira, I wonder if the Arabic text is reviewed. Like any beginner I should not fix any wrong (misspelled) word in my memory. I have this example because I learned English in a wrong way: you've noticed that. I do not want the same with the Arabic course. Thank you.

5 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
Oct 15, 2011

Quiz on line

Hi... I just took the quiz as part of my learning, but am not too sure with the scoring...? Could you please check whether the answers given by the system for question no 1.6.1 and the answer to the second last question of the quiz is correct? :?

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
May 6, 2011


Hello Amira I have taken the quiz and found the English transliteration very difficult. This whole idea of trying to represent some Arabic sounds with numbers is foreign to me, and would like to suggest that you add the Arabic script to the test where you mean to test the Arabic. O a...

5 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
May 6, 2011

Problem with activating account

Hi there, thanks for your post. If you can post on the forum than it means that your account is already activated. If you mean your login for the members Learning Lounge then you will need to contact [email protected] They will help you and by contact them you will not have to...

2 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
May 6, 2011

Wrong Answer

From noelgreen : The last question in the 1.6 "Where are you from?" quiz is wrong. The question is, "How do you say 'us' in Arabic?" The answer is, of course, "E7na." But, when you answer that it tells you the answer is, "Inti - ( You (female) )" Thought you should know. 8-)

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki -
Jan 7, 2010

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