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Welcome ! This is a great opportunity to practice reading and writing in French with your fellow Rocket French learners. So browse some of the posts, take your French reading skills for a spin and when you're ready, introduce yourself and get chatting! Don't be afraid to make mistakes - these are learners just like you and they're here to help.

Can I slow down the audio of my rocket French ?

Can I slow down the audio

7 replies - Last post by TomG17 - August 30, 2017

Slow down audioCa

Can I slow down the audio?

0 replies - Last post by Deborah 12 - July 19, 2017

Getting frustrated - its all going in one ear and out the other

Hi there I could do with some practical suggestions of how to keep motivated please. Can someone give me a success story for french?  At the moment nothing seems to be being retained in my brain. I can understand the audio fine. I just can remember anythi...

8 replies - Last post by shawcath00 - April 5, 2017

different ways to ask "what happened?"

What are 3 ways to ask someone "what happened?"

0 replies - Last post by joshell29 - March 23, 2017

How do I incorporate more French in daily life?

In addition to the lessons I am doing, I watch the occasional movie & children show. I have the Rocket French app in my android phone that I can listen to when I have opportunity. How do I incorporate and SPEAK more French in my daily life while I a...

24 replies - Last post by Meages - March 23, 2017

Valentines Day question

So today you want to love right? The verb aimer is for both, so how does someone know that you love them as opposed to just liking them when you use J'aime?  Big difference n'est pas?

3 replies - Last post by toru e - February 15, 2017

French Book

Can somebody recommend a language study book to go along with the Rocket French course  that will complement the on-line learning experience.   Thank You......

6 replies - Last post by Mark-G1193 - September 13, 2016

Common idioms/expressions

Salut tout le monde, Can anybody share the must-know common French idioms or expressions in a conversation (if any). I'd be most grateful. Thanks.

4 replies - Last post by M-L - July 28, 2016


Bonsoir, Je ne sais pas beaucoup de français, mais j'aimerais aller à langue de français Meetup.  Has anyone been to a "meetup" before. Sounds like people really speak French for real. I'm afraid I won't be able to say anything other than my name & what I...

2 replies - Last post by julia-c13 - June 29, 2016

French accents

Bonjour tout le monde! Just curious, could anyone share their views on what would be the best accent for the purpose of conversation in French (if any)? Merci beaucoup.

5 replies - Last post by Maisarah - June 2, 2016

Practice spoken French

Hello, I am looking for someone with whom to practice speaking and listening of French. Perhaps either 'pen pals' or thourgh Skype/facetime etc. I am base din SE England therefore timezone GMT. Look forward to hearing from someone!

1 reply - Last post by awilgosz - June 1, 2016

Salut! Je cherche amis pour converser.

Je  avoir besoin pratiquer beaucoup. !!!! Je m'appelle Rebeca. J'ai 19 ans, et Je étudié et travaille dans ma maison.  et vous? 

15 replies - Last post by Maisarah - May 27, 2016

Liaison question, revisit

Hello All, Let me apologize first for asking the liaison question. I read all of the questions and comments from as recent as 10 months ago to 6-7 yr ago; some applied and answered my questions. But one confused me, which was answered by Nathalie. The qu...

5 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - May 22, 2016

Vous diriger / Direct you

Can someone explain the meaning of "vous diriger"? I would say it should be "vous dirigez", but in Survival Kit Trains "diriger" is the correct solution. The translation given is "direct you", which is also a mystery in my non-native English comprehension...

2 replies - Last post by Ien7 - April 28, 2016

Where's the verb?

Lesson 10.2:  In the Rocket Review, Anne asks "fill it up please," and Eric's translation is "le plein s'il vous plait."  What happened to the verb on the French side?  Clearly, Anne has a complete sentence, including the verb, but Eric only gives the obj...

1 reply - Last post by Ien7 - April 26, 2016

serious french chat on skype

I want to do serious french chat on skype [redacted]

4 replies - Last post by florez57 - February 22, 2016

Points Goal

The points goal is set at 400.  That is for one day or for each module?

1 reply - Last post by Diana-S1 - February 22, 2016

How to download

Bonjour, Can you let me know how to download Rocket French. Certain items of the course do not function properly and I hope to cure this by redownloading the course As on my previous mail I have not received any answer, I'll give you my mailaddress again:...

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - February 16, 2016

How to download the odious lesson on ipad

I am trying to download the audio lesson on my iPad. Can you help me please.

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - February 16, 2016

The price of the taxi was to be only five euros. (6.9 Ce plaindre)

The price of the taxi was to be only five euros. Shouldn't it be "the price of the fare or ride was to be only five euros". Is it another one of those "relaxed" conversational style? To me the statement clearly said that the price of the taxi (car) is 5 ...

5 replies - Last post by M-L - February 7, 2016

French grammar

What's the difference between au fait, and a' propos.

3 replies - Last post by toru e - February 1, 2016

what happened to you

Alors Eric, que t'arrive-t-il ? Tu as l'air bizarre ! So Eric, what happened to you? You look funny! How to say what happend to you using vous? Que vous arrivez? Can I use qu'est-ce qu'il vous etes arrivez? Thanks!

1 reply - Last post by toru e - October 25, 2015

1.4 Being Thirsty -- "I do not want anything"

Okay, folks, I am new and just finished taking the 1.4 Being Thirsty quiz so easy on me. The task was finding the correct french translation for "I do not want anything" and recalling from the lessons the "ne ... pas" so I chose "je ne voudrais pas" and ...

3 replies - Last post by Robert-B246 - October 10, 2015

Preposition of 'a' and 'de'

How could I know if Il est difficile 'a' faire qqc or 'de' failre qqc?

0 replies - Last post by Johnny-C - October 1, 2015

how to say counting in french?

please tell about this topic i want to now counting in french  

1 reply - Last post by Rocket-Languages - September 15, 2015

Lesson 7.3 Audio Tracts

In Lesson 7.3, Interactive Audio, in the initial conversation, Claire states, “Ça se passe vraiment bien !”  However, her declaration is muddled by changes.   The first change is in the transcript, where it’s simply written as, “Ça se passe bien...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - August 14, 2015

se promener conjugation

HI, just wondering, why is it that you say "Je me promene" (reflexive) but change to j'aime me promener i.e. the infinitive form in the latter case? also for "mrs parents preferment se promener dans la foret"  thank you

2 replies - Last post by Kays - August 11, 2015

audio recoding setting

audio recoding setting where is it? THANK YOU

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - August 6, 2015

Let's Practice French Together!

Bonjour! Je suis appelé Cerise . Comment allez-vous? Je viens récemment commencé à apprendre avec Rocket français et je suis presque couramment . Parfois, je l'utilise Google translate . Je espère que vous apprécierez votre temps à apprendre dans Rocket f...

5 replies - Last post by florez57 - July 31, 2015

Where is / How do I Get to the Cathedral?

Lesson 6.6 has an interesting sentence:  "Pour aller à la cathédrale, c'est par où s'il vous plaît?" translated to "For going to the cathedral, it's where, please?"  The translation is a nearly word-for-word.  Not only is the English s...

3 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere - July 31, 2015

Malin - Smart or Stupid?

In Lesson 13.1 there is a phrase that says, " j'aurais l'air malin" which is translated as "I would look stupid". I looked up "malin" in several dictionaries and never found the word stupid associated with it. I fact its primary meaning is smart, clever, ...

5 replies - Last post by Mohammed-H7 - May 5, 2015

How describe my profession as licensed massage therapist en francais?

I am a board certified massage therapist. This is my profession for which I am trained in Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal etc. How would I describe my métier en francais?

1 reply - Last post by toru e - April 29, 2015

Does it sound weird if you don't use the the right tense or gender?

Do you know when you talk, does it sound weird if you talk with the wrong gender or wrong tense or do we just get away with it?

8 replies - Last post by Ashraf--44 - April 11, 2015

I am going to say something in french and you will answer ok ?


109 replies - Last post by Terry-v - March 31, 2015

Language accent

How can I get the french accent?

2 replies - Last post by Diana-S1 - March 29, 2015

Subjonctif for 50/50 situations

Hello, I'm almost done with this CLE International book: Grammaire Progressive du Français avec 600 exercises. Just 10 pages to go and I'm done with all 271. I'm finding more errors in these later chapters, most in the correction guide but also typos in...

4 replies - Last post by toru e - March 17, 2015

french proficiency tests

Can these series of french lessons be enough to pass french proficiency tests or DELF exam? Is anyone from this Rocket French Community able to pass the DELF exam with the help of this online course? I am a novice and it is really required to learn such l...

3 replies - Last post by jason☺ - March 17, 2015

Why use est-ce que

Why does a question like "tu as soif?" sometimes start with "est-ce que..." but not always?

13 replies - Last post by Dan-S45 - March 15, 2015

Le Train Bleu

Hi Everybody, I'm organizing a dinner at Le Train Bleu. Link: Has anybody been there? They have completely renovated the restaurant and I have been waiting for that to be finished and some time to go check it out. V...

3 replies - Last post by jason☺ - March 2, 2015

Est-ce que

Hello, just started the course about 10 days ago and am confused about Est-ce que.  For example I thought I understood Est-ce que from lesson 1.3 there were recorded samples that this meant "Do" or Est-ce que vous? is "do you" Now I'm in 2.1 and see...

0 replies - Last post by Dan-S45 - February 26, 2015

Beginners in the San Francisco Bay Area [thread].

Any beginners [Level 1 / went through a few lessons] in the San Francisco Bay Area (I'm in the south bay), who would like to meet / practice dialogs / games / do homework together?   Also, anyone in the same area who would like to create/join pr...

0 replies - Last post by Dmitry-C1 - February 19, 2015

Dogdose aboyer et friandise

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin, j'étais en train d'étudier le passé composé dans un livre de CLE International par Maïa Grégoire et Odile Thiévenaz (ISBN: 978-2-09-033848-5) quand j'ai découvert quelques nouveaux mots. Vous pouvez lire en page 180 la phras...

2 replies - Last post by jason☺ - February 11, 2015

Royco Minute Soup

Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter trois paquets de Royco Minute Soup: Bouillon de Volaille & vermicelles pour mon déjeuner. La boite dit que cela doit être prêt en 2 minutes. Envie d'une pause réconfort? Découvrez une petite soupe à la t...

1 reply - Last post by jason☺ - February 5, 2015

Pronouncing words ending with eur, e.g vapeur, docteur etc

I notice audio examples in this course pronouncing words like "vapeur" and "docteur" as "vapor" and "doctor", whereas all of the other references (online and other course materials) pronounce these (almost) as "vap-err" and "doct-err". What is the correc...

4 replies - Last post by jason☺ - February 4, 2015

Bonne Journee

What does bonne journee mean in english

3 replies - Last post by jason☺ - January 29, 2015

any beginners out there?

Hi all, I'm hoping to find someone at a similar stage to myself who is after a pen pal to help in the language learning process. I'm a beginner, up to the end of level one in rocket french, though I'm still going through the grammar sections. I find the ...

7 replies - Last post by jason☺ - January 29, 2015

Norman and Cyprien

Bonsoir, These guys are both great. Use the subtitles if you need them. Norman: Cyprien: Bonne soirée!

0 replies - Last post by jason☺ - January 28, 2015

Cryptogram in French / Message chiffré

Rule 1: Do not spoil it by responding with a solution. Rule 2: Remember rule one Who's able to read this in French? I find these easy to read in English. In French, it takes me quite a bit longer. UN B34U JOUR D'373, J'37415 5UR L4 PL4G3 37 J3 R3G4RD4...

1 reply - Last post by jason☺ - January 22, 2015

How do you know when words within an expression are silent?

Such as I hope that you are well, Je espère que ça va bien. It sounds to me as if the "va" is silent. I have listened to this dozens of times and I cannot tell. The pronunciation has been the biggest stumbling block for me and this is what makes ...

4 replies - Last post by John-M173 - January 13, 2015

Using polite form

Est-ce que vous parlez français ? or Parlez-vous français ? Does it matter which phrase you use when speaking or writing.

5 replies - Last post by toru e - November 9, 2014

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