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Hear it, say it

How do I get it to bring up the next phrase or word to say?

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere -
Oct 26, 2018

How doen one make thier own flashcards?

How does one make their own flashcards?

1 reply - Last post by EdgarA5 -
Aug 5, 2018

noun gender

In listing vocabulary words, many times rocket french does not list a preceding article which as you say is part of the noun.  Since gender is so important, why list the noun with no gender associated with it. is Ananas mas or fem. Is Lunettes mas or fem., etc... How ar ewe to learn the correct...

4 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere -
Jun 19, 2018

vocab without the pronouns

I want to know the pronouns (whether the object is feminine or masculine) in my vocabulary list or any time new vocab is presented to me.... is there an option to activate it or is that something this course doesn't offer?

0 replies - Last post by emiG4 -
Jun 11, 2018

Vocabulary List

I would like to empty my vocabulary list.  Is there a simple way to accomplish this without clearing all of my completed lessons?

0 replies - Last post by Norina-P -
Apr 4, 2018

voice playback problem

After about half an hour of the lesson my voice recordings playback gets faster and faster with crackling noises in the background. This happens every time I use the lessons. It starts out OK. I can't really compare my recording to the instructor so just give up using the feature. 

0 replies - Last post by BarbaraH15 -
Mar 30, 2018

silly question about 'going to work'

A phrase that has appeared several times: 'je vais travailler aujourd'hui' which translates as 'I'm going to work today' and often is next to a picture of someone getting on a train. It's ambiguous (in English at least), how would you differentiate between 'I'm going to do some work today'...

1 reply - Last post by torusan -
Jan 29, 2018

rajouter and ajouter

Is there any difference in usage between rajouter ('to add') and ajouter (also 'to add') ?

2 replies - Last post by Peter--252 -
Oct 29, 2017

word distinction

Please, what is the difference between "tous" and "tout"? Don't they both mean "all"? Thank you.

1 reply - Last post by torusan -
Aug 29, 2017

Is there a way to change user profiles if you all have the same email address?

I enrolled my daughter into French and American Sign Language. My other daughter would like to learn Spanish and American Sign Language. I would like to learn Italian and American Sign Language. As my children are young, we all have the same email address. Is there a way to change user profiles?...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jul 20, 2017

C'est prenant?

Bonjour, J'imagine que "prenant" en anglais, c'est demanding, serious, time-consuming... pas exciting. Est-ce que l'expresson de traduction avait fait une erreur? La leçon 17.4 Working life   Jean Qu'est-ce que tu fais dans la vie Julie ? What do you do for a living...

5 replies - Last post by Sue--114 -
Jul 16, 2017

Une fiche/feuille de paye

In Lesson 11.4, the bank manager asks for a pay stub -- une fiche de paye  in the Interactive Audio, but une feuille de paye in the Conversation Transcript.  In the Rocket Review, a pay slip translates to une fiche de paye.  The dictionary translation for a pay stub (or pay slip) is...

1 reply - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere -
May 14, 2017

French flash cards.

Bon jour...  I'm trying to find a set of French flash cards to carry with me.  Are there any suggestions on which is the best, I see a few different types.  Merci Beaucoup. Richard....

2 replies - Last post by Gettysburg702 -
Jan 29, 2017

Flash cards and games

How do I access flash cars and games?  

1 reply - Last post by Diana-S1 -
Jan 16, 2017

Thank you for lunch?

How do you say: Thank you for lunch in French? This is one of the most common sentences I use at home and would like to know it in French. I have searched it on Google Transalate, but I'm not sure if the pronounciation is correct. Perhaps a fluent French speaker could check on Google and tell me...

1 reply - Last post by Mark-G1193 -
Sep 26, 2016


If  "Il y a plus de lait dans le frigo" means there is no milk in the fridge, ie. dropping the "ne" how do you say there is more milk in the fridge. I did think you used encore but that doesn't quite fit.  

1 reply - Last post by torusan -
Jun 9, 2016

My vocab still not working properly

If I copy a sentence or a word (by clicking the words) to My Vocab and want to translate them in my own language, words with an "r" won't get written with the "r" in it. I have reported this in February and then I got an email from the support department stating "Please allow 2 working days...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Jun 3, 2016

where is the Rocket Scheduler on the dashboard?

I need this to be more organized.  Thanks! Harry Cooksey

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages -
Feb 24, 2016

sans doute vs sans aucun doute (5.6 Part 1 and 5.7 Part 2)

5.6, "Putting things together" Part 1. The translation for "sans doute" was "probably" but I felt that it should be "no doubt" or "without [a] doubt". On the same lesson "sans aucun doute" was  translated as "without a doubt". I accepted it to pass the test.    5.7, "Putting things together,...

26 replies - Last post by torusan -
Feb 22, 2016

voice recognition of spoken numbers

does anyone else have problems with voice recognition of numbers. I have got my french neighbour to say numbers and still it only shows 25 or 50%

1 reply - Last post by torusan -
Feb 22, 2016

Golf clubs

Bonjour, Mon épouse et moi sommes à Martinique . Nous allons jouer au golf demain. Comment dit on " golf clubs" en français ? 

2 replies - Last post by smccarth4535 -
Feb 15, 2016

carafe d'eau

If I were to ask to fill up my sport water jug, would I ask Puis je remplir ma carafe de l'eau? or would that be asking to fill up a glass water pitcher?? Is there another word for the types of water jugs you carry when you're running, etc? Thank you! Emily

3 replies - Last post by floribon -
Feb 9, 2016

FlashCards: what is the difference between Est-ce que and pouvez vous

I was doing the FlashCards (By the way RF I love FlashCards). The question was, "Can you understand me?" I had 2 answers in my head, polite and informal - Pouvez-vous me comprenez ? Peux-tu me comprendre ? The correct was Est-ce que vous me comprenez ? I understand that "est-ce que" is used to...

4 replies - Last post by M-L -
Feb 9, 2016

Ça te dit ? What do you think?

3.3 Going into town or Aller en Ville In the conversation between Paul and Claire when Paul said, Ça te dit ? and the English translation was "What do you think?" Being a beginner I would have used what do you say (dit)  instead of think.  If I am speaking English between...

7 replies - Last post by M-L -
Feb 4, 2016

le mieux vs le meilleur

It seems to me that both mean better and best. Please explain and give an example when to use le mieux and le meilleur. 

7 replies - Last post by Nicholas-R18 -
Feb 3, 2016

5.1 Buying a bottle of wine souhaitez-vous vs voulez-vous translation

Souhaitez-vous goûter un autre vin ? Would you like to try another wine? Voulez-vous goûter un autre fromage ? Would you like to try a different cheese I would have translated the first as is but for voulez-vous I would have translated Do you want to try a different cheese or another...

4 replies - Last post by M-L -
Jan 11, 2016

cacahuetes and accent grave, module 4, Food/survival kit

A peanut butter and jam sandwich - it was presented as un sandwich au beurre de cacahuetes et confiture. I think there should be an accent grave for peanuts, cacahuètes. When I do the tests and if I missed an accent the answers will always prompt me to my errors. If I forgot to put a space at...

4 replies - Last post by M-L -
Jan 8, 2016

prochainement vs bientôt lesson 4.6

When should I use prochainement and bientôt? Any nuance or just for the purpose of learning new or another vocab of the same meaning? 

4 replies - Last post by M-L -
Dec 29, 2015

ticket vs billet

3.4 Going on The Tram ou à Bord du Tramway: Is there a difference between ticket and billet in public transportation term aside from the lesson? Beginner question again.

1 reply - Last post by torusan -
Dec 10, 2015

au bout vs à la fin

I am working on 2.8 Where am I? Part 1 test: KNOW IT - The question was "At the end" and to give the answer in French for which I answered "à la fin" but the correct answer was "au bout". What is the difference and without context how does one know? 

4 replies - Last post by M-L -
Nov 17, 2015

French Vocab

The vocab in the old system was assorted Alphabeticaly which WAS GREAT, just like a private dictionary. Am I the only one that is so unhappy by the new system that assort them chronologically???? It doesn't make any sense. My spelling in French is very bad (Still) and in  the old system it...

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Nov 11, 2015

Lost Dashboard and My Vocab

Anybody else lost their "my vocab" and also the Dashboard. Tony

2 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Oct 20, 2015

Mt Vocab

Anyone else lost most of their "My vocab" since the new system came in ?

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Oct 18, 2015

Difference please

What is the difference between: je dois aller... and je dois me rendre...? Also, what is the difference between: un morceau... and un bout....? Thanks!

2 replies - Last post by Luis-P15 -
Oct 1, 2015

Shortened pronunciation of 60, 70...?

In Lesson 17.2, the 4th line down in the conversation part, the guy says he like's the music of the 70's. In saying this, he says something to the effect of "soin dix or sans dix". I have just recently heard this elsewhere (not RF) where the person was talking about their height and said "cent...

5 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo -
Aug 4, 2015

help with expresions please

Hi all could any one tell me please is there another meaning to" Ça ira comme ça ? " other than " will that do" thank you

4 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere -
Jul 28, 2015

How to Pronounce maintenant

In Lesson 7.1, in the lesson's Interactive Audio, at 19:41 minutes, Paul states that the French word for "now"  is "maintenant" and then asks, "Where is it snowing now?"  Claire answers, "Où neige-t-il maintenant?"  When I heard Paul, I questioned my memory of maintenant's...

1 reply - Last post by torusan -
Jun 24, 2015


Hi all, is it correct that you can greet someone by saying "salut" as well as using it to say goodbye? Just wondering...

4 replies - Last post by torusan -
Jun 20, 2015

My name is Charity

Does anyone know how to say my name "Charity" in French? Thanks!

3 replies - Last post by CherryFrench -
Jun 5, 2015

The article in front of a noun

I find that sometimes we are given nouns without the article in front. Since in French, we need to know if a noun is either masculine or feminine, it would be nice to always have the article with the noun. Yes, I can look it up in a dictionary each time, but it would be more convenient if I...

2 replies - Last post by Diana-S1 -
Jun 1, 2015

Neuf or Nouveau and Nine

Salut, I am working through Section 2.7 and came across Quoi de neuf?  In my mind I thought "What's Nine" but clearly that doesn't make sense.  In looking at the translation it's "What's New"?  Why isn't it "Quoi Nouveau".  Or more specifically how would you know the person...

2 replies - Last post by Dan-S45 -
May 29, 2015


Just looked at some numbers I got from French Language Blog and 80 was simply quatre-vingts which is much easier to remember than quatre-vingts ou Huitante!

5 replies - Last post by torusan -
Mar 17, 2015

when to pronounce s

How could the s at the end of Un nounours is pronouced.    When do we pronouce the s and when do we not?    Thank you

2 replies - Last post by jason☺ -
Mar 13, 2015

Whats the difference between demi(e) and moitié ?

I understand that 'demi(e)' and 'moitié' both mean 'half'...  What are the differences in usage? Many thanks, Lucy

1 reply - Last post by jason☺ -
Mar 11, 2015

Super Éssorantes

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir je fais la machine. À la lavarie il y a des instructions avec un nouveau mot. Je croix que le mot n'existe pas. Nous allons voir, n'est-ce pas? Pour les petites machines ils écrivent: MACHINES 6,5 KG SUPER ESSORANTES.  Pour les grandes machines ils...

5 replies - Last post by Marie-Claire-Riviere -
Feb 19, 2015

How to pronounce the word "une"

Just when I thought I knew how to pronounce the word "une" along comes a lesson in which the word is pronounced two ways. The Lesson 5, Clothing Survival Kit has a series of sentences with the pattern, "Je porte"  followed the article un or une and an article of...

4 replies - Last post by jason☺ -
Feb 12, 2015


I am having trouble understanding the numbers for example 80 which is Quatre-vingts ou Huitante   What does  Huitante mean?   

0 replies - Last post by Lorraine-A5 -
Feb 5, 2015

Meaning of "Un cadre"

In the Lesson 5.2 quiz is the question, "Which one doesn't mean "painting/picture"?" The answers to choose from are: - Un tableau - Une table - Un cadre - Une peinture The expected response is, "Une table." I also wonder about "Un cadre." To say it's a painting or picture is a stretch. ...

8 replies - Last post by jason☺ -
Feb 4, 2015

Numbers written with dashes

Is there a logical reason why some French numbers are written with dashes and some are not?

5 replies - Last post by Diana-S1 -
Feb 1, 2015

Interactive Audio

In my interactive audio section 1.4 Being Thirsty. the second line words = "Tu es Souffle" or are you thirsty are not able to be worked for some reason and all the other ones can? Why is this and is it a sign of things to come!

5 replies - Last post by jason☺ -
Jan 23, 2015

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