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Welcome ! This is a great opportunity to practice reading and writing in Spanish with your fellow Rocket Spanish learners. So browse some of the posts, take your Spanish reading skills for a spin and when you're ready, introduce yourself and get chatting! Don't be afraid to make mistakes - these are learners just like you and they're here to help.

Pronunciation of V and B

Module 1.8 If you ask someone to spell a word in Spanish for you, that person may differentiate 'b' and 'v' by talking about beh grande (big 'b') and beh pequeño (little 'v'). Should this be "big B and little b."?

6 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - December 16, 2015

Reading, writing, hearing, and speaking

Quite some time ago I adopted the Scriptorium Technique described in the Advanced Learning section of this web site. I think it helped me a lot, since it caused me to slow down and really examine each sentence as I wrote it out. Now I am beginning to thin...

9 replies - Last post by ricardo-rich - December 9, 2015


Hola a todos, Are there written transcripts available for the lessons?  If so, how can I find them, please. Sherri

2 replies - Last post by quilthis1 - December 5, 2015

Día de Acción de Gracias

Hola a todos. Quiero comenzar una conversación para practicar la lectura y escitura en español. El tema es "¿qué van a hacer en el Día de Acción de Gracias?" Por mi parte, voy a cocinar y comer un pavo con mi novia, y mirar la pelicula, "Alice's Restaura...

6 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - November 30, 2015

Tengo Unas Frases Nuevas! (A.k.a. Spanish Phrases Everyone Can Use)

Hi everyone, One of the most important points of learning Spanish for me is creating phases (whether they're useful or not!) to help me speed up my conjugation skills, and, consequentially, become more proficient. I'm actually planning to order in Spanish...

13 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - November 11, 2015

Play It isn't recording

I'm using my iPad and am on lesson 2.4 Play It. There is no recording happening and I can't even get the conversation moving from one sentence to the next. What's happening? The lessons on my iPad worked fine in the old format and they work OK on the Mac ...

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - October 25, 2015

Do you stillhave live video one hour lessons for twenty dollarsDo you still .

Do you still have one hour lessons one on one with live video

4 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - October 22, 2015

Coma ama una mujer - Jennifer Lopez

Thought I would pass along the title of this album - it's my favorite so far in Spanish. Of course, as Mauricio says in the course, "Sobre gustos, no hay nada escrito." :-)  

8 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - October 11, 2015

Books in Spanish

Hi All, I've just come across the first (!) book in Spanish written by an Hispanic that I've found to be both interesting and not too difficult to follow. One of my conversation exchange partners passed it on to me, and from the sounds of it, the author'...

12 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - September 30, 2015

Beginner Introductions/Conversations!

Hola! Me llamo Jo y soy de Inglaterra. Quiero hablar Español – estoy aprendiendo pero necesito ayudar! Hasta la proxima! Gracias. I have just started the Spanish Premium level and thought it would be nice for somewhere for beginners to start posting on t...

52 replies - Last post by Elizabeth-H28 - September 25, 2015

Hay alquien?

Hay alguien aqui que quiere practicar el espanol por correo electronico ?

1 reply - Last post by Dan-H24 - August 26, 2015

El Día de la Indepencía

Pronto será El Día de la Independencía aqui en los Estados Unidos. Nos estadounidenses celebramos en maneras diferentes. ¿Cómo celebrarás este día especial?

6 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - June 29, 2015

Finding Spanish speakers on Skype?

Any recommendations? Dan, I think I remember reading that you were doing this.

35 replies - Last post by Diana-dep1 - June 26, 2015

Cómo évitar la desmotivación en el aprendisaje del español

Another good article to read as we all get discouraged at one time or another in learning a different language: -  

4 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - June 19, 2015


Hola a todos, Just recently I've been unable to access the videos on the Destinos site as well as Nuevos Destinos and I'm wondering if anyone else has had trouble Saludos, Ricardo

2 replies - Last post by ricardo-rich - June 15, 2015



12 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - June 13, 2015

is izzquierda used in conversation for left

are their two different words for (left) in spanish

25 replies - Last post by Cristian-Montes-de-Oca - May 20, 2015

pero no hay como. <----- What does that mean?

Yes, I like to travel, but I don't see how. Sí, me gusta viajar, pero no hay como. what does "no hay como" mean?? I am RELI confused.

5 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - May 12, 2015

Rocket Spanish Member Newsletter #18 and above

I have been able to locate all the newsletters up to #17. Why can't I find 18 and above?

10 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - May 8, 2015

Feliz Día de la Tierra

I think it is interesting that Tierra is used as the name for planet Earth and also as a general word for land or soil. Makes more sense than separate words I think. And in honor of the day I am listening to Wind on the Water by Graham Nash and David Cro...

1 reply - Last post by Ava Dawn - May 8, 2015

switch to rocket spanish

How do I switch to rocket spanish

7 replies - Last post by george-gmh - April 25, 2015

¡Estoy en ello!

I'm on it! Film: a crisis situation suddenly confronts the team and someone yells this. I hope I can remember these expressions...

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - April 22, 2015

Me lo quedo - I'll take it

Interesting expression I just came across listening to a video. "I'll take it." From the context it was clear what was meant, but to look at the expression written, I wouldn't have guessed that.

5 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - April 13, 2015

accent marks

In lesson 4.4 Amy says cual prefiere?   Mauricio says cual es la sopa del dia?   Amy is which, Mauricio is what.  The flag says if there is no accent mark it is translated which.  Why is the accent mark not deleted in amy sentence...

11 replies - Last post by Jo--110 - April 1, 2015

Language accent

How can I get the Spanish accent?

1 reply - Last post by Dan-H24 - March 19, 2015


¡Cómo olvidar esa canción! Is this correct. I only see an infinitive verb, not a conjugated verb. (How could one forget that song). Should there be a conjugated verb like poder before olvider?

4 replies - Last post by ricardo-rich - February 24, 2015

Harta -

Porque hay harta gente que no he visto en mucho tiempo.    I tried googling the word harta and I am not successful in finding the translation. RS translate it as tons or in Romania translate as sick.   

14 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - February 19, 2015

¿Qué hacer cuando no me importa quién gane el Superbowl?

¡Tener una fiesta de fútbol!

11 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - February 13, 2015

Those Words Move Too Fast

What are methods for training one´s ears for Spanish?

15 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - February 1, 2015

Las Noticias en España Lento

Hola a todos. ¿Alguno de ustedes hacer suscribir a "Las Noticias en Español lento"? Parace como un buen recurso, pero no quiero gastar dinero si está no utíl. Gracias por tus respuestas. Saludos, Dan

3 replies - Last post by Hugh-F5 - January 22, 2015

La máquina condestadora

Hola a todos, I recently went to a medical clinic where everyone, be they native speakers or not, speak both Spanish and English. My answering machine greeting is in Spanish to thwart unwanted calls and because of that, "la enfermera" Anita, a native sp...

1 reply - Last post by Dan-H24 - January 10, 2015

Las Aventuras de Víctor en España

Hola amigos, I'm wondering what those who ordered this think about it. I have been enjoying it and have listened through Capítulo 22. Ten chapters to go, and then I will go back through it many times over. Saludos, Ricardo

3 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - January 3, 2015


Cada vez que compres plata, tienes que buscar el número 925 impreso en alguna parte. Can you see the three different verbs and how they are being conjugated? I went back to Premium because I was trying to do the module tests when I got the email from Mau...

9 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - December 29, 2014

¡Feliz Navidad!

Hola amigos, ¡Que pasen una Feliz Navidad y que tengan un Próspero Año Nuevo! Saludos, Ricardo

2 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - December 23, 2014

Viene una camarera

I am reviewing the lessons for module four. There was a discussion about word order in this forum not too long ago. Viene una camarera para tomar mi orden. A waitress comes to take my order. Is it correct to say Una camarera viene para tomar mi orden. W...

5 replies - Last post by Darius-R1 - December 20, 2014

Work experience

So I was at work and this Hispanic lady and her 2 little kids come in. I asked her how to say something in Spanish and was telling her I was learning. She said so you need to practice huh? I then started speaking to her in spanish and she got so excited. ...

2 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - December 19, 2014

New Resource

Those of you who also use LightSpeed Spanish probably got the same email that I did regarding Gordon and Cynthia's new book, "Victor's Adventures in Spain." This looks like a good additional resource to me and I asked Santa for it. It is available on Amaz...

13 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - December 12, 2014

Emocionado and emocionante

How do you use "emocionado and emocionante" in a sentence. Thanks, Aurora

4 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - December 9, 2014

Premium plus or platinum?

Hola todos ! Mi nombre es Darius I am have been going through rocket spanish premium and also learning spanish like crazy. I am nearly done with LSLC and will be looking into another course to start soon. I was wondering which course (premium plus or pl...

10 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - December 5, 2014

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias

Puedes obtener cualquier cosa quieres en el Restaurante de Alice Puedes obtener cualquier cosa quieres en el Restaurante de Alice Camina en él es alrededor de la parte posterior Sólo media milla de la vía férrea Y puedes obtener cualquier cosa quieres en ...

3 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - November 27, 2014

Lista de Navidad

Mi querida quiere una lista de Navidad. Tengo "Easy Spanish Reader," "First Spanish Reader," y "El Soñador." Me gustaría ideas para otros libros leer y estudiar. Gracias, Dan

5 replies - Last post by Ava Dawn - November 24, 2014

Telephone greeting

I was watching an episode of "Destinos" today. In one scene, Raquel calls Pedro, and says, "¿Pedro? Habla Raquel." I have been trying to puzzle this out. Is Raquel simply saying the equivalent of, "hello, Raquel speaking" in the present tense, or is there...

4 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - November 20, 2014

Como funcionan las herramientas (H,W,K,P,Q)

Hola amigos. Me gustaría saber como se utilizan las herramientas de: Hear It Say It!, Write It!, Know It!, Play It! y Quiz. Y para que sirven los botones de abajo donde dice. To be rated - Not at all - Needs work - so, so - Pretty good - It's Eas...

2 replies - Last post by maha266 - November 11, 2014


what greeting do you say at 4:00

11 replies - Last post by maha266 - November 9, 2014


What is this new "Jetset" I have been getting emails saying it's on sale! Can you send me a link so that I can check it out? I don't see it on your webpage. Ken Corder

3 replies - Last post by maha266 - November 7, 2014

b v pronuciation video

Hola a todos, I feel comfortable with my pronunciation regarding b and v but I found this to be informative and funny and I thought I would pass it on. Saludos, Ricardo

6 replies - Last post by misssolruiz - October 17, 2014

I'm on section 1.4 on the Premium course what can I do learn to speak Spanish fluently?.

Hi, I've been going though the 1.4 course Spanish Premium. By Hearing, Writing, Knowing, Speaking it. What can I do in order to speak it fluently?.

6 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - September 26, 2014

Spanish music for beginners

Hi there , i am a beginner in Spanish and I wanted to know if anyone recommenced any spanish music that I could listen to to help me in learning the language.. ? I thought this may be a good way to remember and learn, by also learning a song. Any recommen...

6 replies - Last post by maha266 - September 26, 2014

When to use "le" as you?

Hola! Can anyone help me with the usage for "le" as you? For instance: ¿En qué le puedo ayudar? (How can I help you?) I realize this is probably a rookie question, but why wouldn't you use tu or usted?

5 replies - Last post by ricardo-rich - September 19, 2014



9 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - September 17, 2014

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