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Spanish - Feedback and Comments

If you have some questions or want to share some feedback about your course, there’s a good chance a fellow learner has had the same idea! You can take a look at some of the latest posts to see if your question has already been answered, or share your thoughts with the Rocket Spanish teachers and learners by posting a new conversation.

where do we see our badges/

Where do we see our badges?

7 replies - Last post by the-hefay - March 19, 2017

Rocket Spanish Module 18 Test Unresponsive

Hi-just wanted to let the Rocket Languages folks know that I'm having trouble with the Module 18 Test responding. I started the test, play the sound byte, recorded myself, and got an automatic rating just fine, but when I click on my rating the test did n...

4 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - March 8, 2017

reset progress

I was wondering if there is a way of resetting progress? I started the German course a few years ago and wanted to begin again. Is there a way of resetting what I did a few years ago? Thanks!

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - February 28, 2017

Leaderboard Badge not Updating

I have noticed that despite the fact that my points are climbing, my badge in the leaderboard view does not update as I pass through the badge categories. Can anyone help with this?

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - February 28, 2017

Custom Flash Cards not Showing in iPhone App

When I log into the PC version, I am able to see my custom flash cards at the top of the dashboard. However, on the iPhone app, I can't see the custom flash cards anywhere. Am I missing something, or is this not possible?

2 replies - Last post by stepchook - February 22, 2017

Nuevo Miembro

Hello everyone! I'm very excited to have found Rocket Spanish. I've been using the free trial version for a few days and today I decided to pay for the full version. I love languages and have learned German and Croatian. My German is certainly not fluen...

0 replies - Last post by stepchook - February 22, 2017

Why are there extra blanks In Lesson 6.2 Play it!

While trying to complete Lesson 6.2 Play it? I was confused by some extra blanks in the Mauricio conversation at Levels 2&3. I had to keep going back to Level 1 to see what the correct words are. Maybe I am wrong but it appear to me that where it should b...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - January 25, 2017

'Write it' Test component

I have just started doing the Write it component of the testing for Module 1 and I can't find how to write symbols that are specific to Spanish like the inverted question mark. I am using Firefox browser on an iMac.

3 replies - Last post by ag8489 - January 20, 2017

Word used but never explained I hear the word "solo" used twice, but I never heard it mentioned before...

7 replies - Last post by Jeff--110 - January 8, 2017

Lesson 9.6 - Addition of "yo" in sentence....confusing.

Hola todos! Pregunta rápida -  This sentence in Lesson 9.6 "Past Times" -  "Me gustaría ir yo al jardín botánico."  Rocket is translating this as "I would like to go to the botanic gardens." Having "yo" in the middle makes no sense to me.  Can anyone t...

13 replies - Last post by sword - December 23, 2016

Audible Lesson Download

I would like to download audio lessons to my iPad to use as I travel in my car.  When I download the audio lesson and begin to travel, the lesson terminates in about 15 min and I can't download the remaining lesson while WiFi is unavailable.  Question: Ho...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - December 8, 2016

Survival Kit "Numbers greater than 10" missing ...

My Rocket-Fuel-Weekly-Update invited me to do this unit. I clicked the link and started it. So far no problems. But I cannot access this unit from the website, neither the menu shows an entry nor the dashboard. According to the audio-file it should be a S...

6 replies - Last post by Hundetier - December 7, 2016

the future tense

A few days ago I asked a question about Lesson 13.1 The Wedding. Carmen goes over the formation of the future tense, using the verb 'ser'. She seems to be saying "será" for the first person singular form, rather than "seré", which it should be. Amy lat...

6 replies - Last post by David K - November 28, 2016

Spanish-How to use the books?

Hello, I have started working with the Interactive Audio lessons. In lesson 1.6 the audio refers to the beginner's book such as it is a perquisite. Is it like this? What is the order of using the method? Kind regards, Fay

34 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - November 17, 2016

Numbers recording problem

Recorded numbers are sometimes shown as digit and not as word. When shown as digit the record is marked as faulty (since the correct answer shows the number as word). Sometimes it isn't possible to get 100% of speech because of the digit number. It doesn'...

11 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - November 4, 2016

Synch to App

I enjoy using both the online and app versions. All my data synchs between the App and the website, but when I finish something on the website it does not synch back up to my app. If you could enhance this functionality and synch both ways it would be ver...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - September 5, 2016

getting help with translations

En El Banco - Hay una razón por la que no vine a entiendo la traducción por "por la que" . This is used very often and i do not understand it. Probably just something that has to be memorized and used????

4 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - August 1, 2016

The platinum course has been changed

Longer sentences have been broken down into shorter phrases.  The end result is that it now takes me more time to go through the lessons and these shorter phrases don't seem to do much for me.

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - July 30, 2016


How can I print Flashcards

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - July 28, 2016


En nivel 2 - Sabran nuestros alumnos - este es futuro no? Is this were I can ask questions like this?

7 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - July 20, 2016

Premium level 1: module 8

I cant' get module 8 to show as complete on my dashboard even though they are marked as completed in each of the three lessons.  Any ideas?

3 replies - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages - July 11, 2016

What is the correct pronunciation of the letter V? In Puerto Rico, it sounds like B. In Colombia, with respect to my netflix series, it sounds more like V.

Hello, We live in Puerto Rico. The Spanish here is quite difficult to understand. In a few months, we are traveling to Colombia. My main source of confusion is how to pronounce the letter V. Here, in PR, it is equal to a b. As in Vente, Bente, I think th...

1 reply - Last post by Dan-H24 - June 24, 2016

Can't Change User Profile

Using Chrome, I can't make any changes to my user profile. The gender and country drop-down boxes are empty. Any idea when this will be fixed? Thanks.

2 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - June 22, 2016

Active Streak Reset

Why was the active streak reset to zero, despite daily completion of the lessons? I was using this a a motivational guide to ensure that a lesson was completed every day

6 replies - Last post by Margaret-RocketLanguages - June 16, 2016

Spanish Question

Is it possible to transfer spanish lesson to a spanish tutor, so he can help me with my spanish?

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - May 16, 2016

I'm doing Module 4.8 and the Write It test is not wrking. What can I do

I cannot get the Test Yourself Write It to work properly. After writing what I hear and press Reveal - I am getting the answer to the previous word, phrase r sentence. I have super fast internet so it is not that. Is something wrong with the program?

4 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - April 24, 2016

In the Play It section of the lessons in Level 1 4.1 and higher, no words are deleted regardless of the level of difficulty. What's up?

In the Play It section of the lessons for Premium level 1 lesson4.1 and higher, there are no words deleted regardless of the level of difficulty. In other words, the level of difficulty does not change regardless of the level selected.

0 replies - Last post by Brian and Edie Amazon Ecuador - April 8, 2016

When will the "Beyond Advanced Spanish Book" be av

Hola! Just wondering if anyone has any info. on when this book will be available? "Beyond Advanced Spanish Grammer." It is mentioned at the completion of the Advanced Spanish book (talks about dealing with the subjunctive tense, passive vo...

6 replies - Last post by ricardo-rich - April 5, 2016

Question about the "Beyond Advanced spanish book"

Hello. As we have just moved ,we don't have internet yet due to some issues with wires and that stuff, but anywayszz. Before we moved I took the time to download the Beginners Spanish Book, Suplement book and vocabulary book(from the first course) + the a...

1 reply - Last post by quilthis1 - April 2, 2016

Repeating tests

I hope I can explain this well enough for someone to answer. I am doing the Level 3 course and finding some of the tests quite difficult.  On the sentences that I scored less than Easy, I would like to try them again. I can see what they are on the pull ...

2 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - March 27, 2016

What time zone does the program operate in?

Howdy, I'm curious about the time zone the program operates in.  When I'm doing my lessons the program is recording my points 8 hours ahead of the time zone I live in which is Pacific Standard Time on the West Coast of the US. Anyone know? Thanks,...

4 replies - Last post by Gwen-D - March 27, 2016

Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently I saw a post about new keyboard shortcut features.  For example, the space bar can be used to flip a flashcard; the 5 key can be used to indicate Easy, etc.  I'd like to look at all of these shortcuts.  Where are these shortcuts summarized?

1 reply - Last post by Dan-H24 - March 17, 2016

Can you improve lesson 5.7?

Lesson 5.7 was confusing to me. Not because of the Spanish, but for the English equivalents used. For example in the Hear It section it says That boat is far away and the answer given uses aquel. That's OK by itself but the next thing to translate is Thos...

3 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - February 14, 2016

Edit option

What happened to the option to edit posts and replies? Ricardo

6 replies - Last post by ricardo-rich - February 13, 2016

Professional Careers or Careers in General

Will Rocket Spanish add a Careers/Professional Careers section with terms specific to those careers? For instance, I'm an attorney and it'd be helpful to know legal terms in Spanish. I see that there is a medical lesson already. Thanks.

0 replies - Last post by Rena--15 - February 3, 2016

Rocket module; does anyone know what the module icon color's mean?

Rocket module; does anyone know what the module icon color's mean? I have many green and many purple...and all the final speak bubble are still grey.

5 replies - Last post by Obi101 - February 2, 2016

Printable Transscripts

Hi      Is it possible to get a printable, downloadable transcript of each lesson, so that as I'm hearing, it, I can also read it and make more sense of the words and how sentences are constructed. Cheers      Lawrence Cecconello​​

1 reply - Last post by Dan-H24 - January 12, 2016

Recording numbers

On the "Hear It Say It" and "Know It" lesson sections, often when you say a number it seems to register it as character when it should have been a word, or it registers as a word when it should have been a character.   For example: when I say "five" in Sp...

3 replies - Last post by (deleted) - January 11, 2016

Printable Flashcards

Hola senors y senoritas, Can the linguistic Flashcards be printed off by people who want to use them as a part of their learning process? If not will you guys please make that an option when you update the flashcards? Gracias ahead of time,  Brittany Hogan

5 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - January 6, 2016

Rocket Spanish Language-Master Games

I brought Premium and Premium Plus but I don't see the Rocket Spanish Language-Master Games. Where can I get it?

29 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - December 21, 2015

Conversation Script for Section 8.2 & 8.3

Hola, The conversation script for Module 8, Lessons 8.2 and 8.3 doesn't match the audio.  It's suppose to be a complete script of all the conversations in Premium Level 1 but instead it shows a short conversation between Rick and Becky.  I don'...

7 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - November 29, 2015

Download conversations.

Is it possible to download just the conversation in each lesson? It would be great to have, say, the first 5 lesson conversations on my ipod, and listen to them sequentially. I'm obviously just getting started, but I'm finding that for listening while wal...

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - November 28, 2015

Rocket Record Difficulty Level

Thank you for this new feature!

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - November 24, 2015

Problema con "Hear it and Say it"

Hola a todos, Is anyone else having trouble with "hear it say it?" Because even after about 3 sentences (3 plays of Mauricio, 3 recordings, on third reveal), it still says "I'm sick" (definition of first sentence)  when "reveal" is clicked. Perhaps i...

4 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - October 30, 2015

Difficulty level

Hola Does anyone else find going from level one to level two has been very significantly more difficult and harder to complete individual lessons? The verbs are maddening. I'm preparing for overseas missions. Would appreciate feedback. Thanks, John

18 replies - Last post by Rocket-Languages - October 29, 2015

Dashboard Arrangement Feedback

This is just a preference thing, but I'm not crazy about the Dashboard arrangement for the display of modules. Every time I go to it I have to click "Collapse All" so I'm not overwhelmed by every lesson from every module, even if I've completed them. I kn...

4 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - October 27, 2015

Know It not working right

I have been trying to complete lesson 12.9 since the new upgrade.  In the Know It section I cannot seem to get the overall grade to be Easy (green).  It remains Purple (good) no matter what.  I have one Poor rating, 2 So-so, 4 good and 24 E...

3 replies - Last post by Karen-B1 - October 27, 2015

points and flashcards

how come we don't get any points when using the flashcards? (At least I am not), I use them quite often and they don't tally not a single point

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - October 26, 2015

Why isn't level I showing up on my dashboard?

When I log into rocket Spanish I'm only able to access levels two and three on my dashboard. How do I access level I? I've had rocket Spanish for many years now and I've never encountered this problem before.How do I fix it?

6 replies - Last post by Kimberley-G - October 23, 2015

Problema con audio--ayudame, por favor!

Hola a todos, I am having significant difficulty with audio playback. Alguien mas tiene este problema? Gracias, Laura

3 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - October 21, 2015

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