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Using si

Sì! Si legano alcune “pignatte”, vasi, ad una fune e si lasciano sospesi ad altezza di qualche metro. Ad ogni giocatore bendato si dà un bastone. Why do you use the third person plural in the 1st 2 examples of si and then the 3rd person singular in the l...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - July 8, 2010

Using the subjunctive

In lesson 10.3 Roberto says "Bisogna che vadano a vedere in un’agenzia immobiliare che li possa consigliare." I understand him using vadano after bisogna che but do not understand why he used the sunjuctive for potere at the end. Why not "l...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 22, 2010

Asking "Can you do [something] for us?"

Ciao ~ I love this language course! If "Mi può [+ a verb]?" means "Can you do [something] for me?" is it correct and polite to say "Noi può [+ a verb]?" to ask "Can you do [something] for us?" or should it be "...

2 replies - Last post by Someday_Traveler - May 21, 2010

venga da and sono di

Can someone please explain the difference between these two phrases(venga da and sono di) and the appropriate way to use them? Thanks, Antonia

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 20, 2010

Asking for the time, and "mezza" vs "mezzo"

Salve! Which is most correct when asking for the time: "Che ore sono?" or simply "Che ore?" And, is there a difference between mezzo and mezza (eg: sette e mezzo vs dieci e mezza) such as one perhaps means "half-past XX"...

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 20, 2010

Lettura vs leggendo

Is there a rule about when to use "lettura" vs "leggendo" for reading. Is there any difference between them in their italian translation? Thanks!

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 5, 2010

"We go"

In lesson 3.5, The Market, we say "si va prego mattina" for "we go early in the morning". Why not just say "andiamo prego mattina" instead?

5 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - April 29, 2010

Concerning "how long have you been...???"

Why does "how long HAVE YOU STUDIED Italian" translate as... da quanto tempo studi l' italiano... instead of... da quanto tempo hai studiato l'italiano? Isn't "studi" a present tense verb? Is there a rule somewhere I am missing??? ...

2 replies - Last post by mspringer - April 22, 2010

Having someone do something

I think that to say "I'm having Mario read the book" is "Faccio leggere il libro a Mario." Correct? If so, how do you say "I'm having Mario read the book to Anna"? If you say "Faccio leggere il libro a Mario a Anna&qu...

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - April 16, 2010

degli etc..

Inthe following sentence _"una lista degli alberghi, ristoranti, musei, e monumenti famosi."_ all the nouns are masculine plural. What if some of them were feminine, would it be necessary to use delle form them?

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - April 13, 2010

Verb conjugation list

I am working on the verbs part of the MegaItalian games. I am having a pretty hard time. I am trying to go by using the prefixes given for Past Perfect, Inperfect, and Future Tense, but this doesn't always work. Is there somewhere where I could get a list...

4 replies - Last post by quiinc - April 7, 2010


I'm now able to communicate with my relatives via facebook, most live in Sicily and do not speak 'English. I'm finding things I never knew about family history.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - February 3, 2010

Vowel length

In the first few lessons, I'm noticing that to imitate Maria DiLorenzi's pronunciation, I'm having to hold the vowels, especially in the middle of words, longer than I naturally would. I don't know if this is a reflection of Italian vs. English or of Ital...

0 replies - Last post by Staxman - January 16, 2010

Loro vs Voi

I am a little confused. In Grammatica I, it says: LORO = YOU (plural, formal) The problem is that I have a couple of English/Italian dictionaries, and they both shay the following: VOI = YOU (plural, both formal and casual) LORO = THEM, THEY Which one...

4 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - December 20, 2009


Could you explain what these contractions mean? I often see them in certain Italian text, and though I can understand them in the context, I don't know exactly what they stand for. This is the sentence where I found them in the course. Ce n'e' solo una ri...

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - October 5, 2009

Still confused

I am in the beginning of the 5th level and still don't know barely any italian. I feel like i am not learning much. Plus I am still confused. Do you have any advice for me?

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - August 4, 2009


how come some words have il and la before a word and some don't its confusing me so much

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 25, 2009

Swap it

I don't understand the swap it part in lesson 3.10 could anyone please help me out with that part.

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 24, 2009

whats the thing before words do

I am confused whats the thing before words that are like this ll'albergo or l'albergo

3 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - June 16, 2009

Mega verbs

Ciao, can anybody tell me where I can find the Mega Verbs? Grazie Edith

2 replies - Last post by em21 - June 4, 2009

English names in Italian

Caoi, Io ho studio l'italiano da due mese, Mi chiamo Joseph. Io sono Irlanda. Questi i miei chiamo in italiano. Io amo studio italiano, Rocket Italian molte bene! ;)

1 reply - Last post by Esmarta - May 11, 2009

diminutive nouns

when using diminutive nouns how do you know ending to use

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - May 6, 2009

Ha una camera OR hai una camera?

In lesson 2.5 (booking a hotel room) the sentence "Ha una camera" is translated as "Do you have a room"...why is Ha used rather than Hai? Grazie

2 replies - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - April 5, 2009

"Of the"

In lesson 2.4 we learn that there are 7 different ways to use the phrase "of the" in Italian. I have 2 questions: 1- What is the criteria for correct use of "of the"? and 2- Is there a way to more readily learn the criteria?

1 reply - Last post by Maria-DiLorenzi - April 5, 2009

a fare / per fare

Hi all, In lesson 6.1 (Grocery Shopping), Maria comes up with the following two lines: 1) _"Ogni sabato vado al supermercato *a fare* la spesa per la settimana."_ 2) _"Devo comprare tutti gli ingredienti *per fare* una bella cena ai miei...

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - February 3, 2009

translation help

I am trying to translate "my beautiful girls" in reference to my daughters, feminine form. I think it is "mia bella ragazze" but am unsure. Should it be "la mia bella ragazze" or does this mean my beautiful girlfriends? Also ...

1 reply - Last post by dee84 - November 24, 2008

Cosa vende?

Hi all, In lesson 3.5 (At the Market), Alex comes up with the line: "Che tipo di mercato è? Cosa vende?" _"Cosa vende?"_ was translated as "What do they sell?". However, I'm having some trouble understanding the grammatica...

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - October 31, 2008

nel cuore

Hi! in line 3 of lesson 4.3 about Florence, the words 'nel cuore' for 'in the heart of' pop up. would 'in cuore' be ok to use instead of 'nel cuore', or am i missing some essential grammar dean (uk)

1 reply - Last post by deano71 - October 31, 2008



2 replies - Last post by azak1492 - October 12, 2008

Grazie mille Rocket Italian

Mi scuzi. Non prepared to write all in Italian just yet. Just returned from two weeks in central Italy in the country near Orvieto. Studio Italiano di Rocket per uno mese prior to going. It made all the difference in the world not only for me but for mi ...

1 reply - Last post by Billhagan - October 8, 2008

a piazza

I'd like to understand why the phrase is 'andiamo a piazza', but 'andiamo alla catedrale'. Why don't we way 'andiamo alla piazza'? Also in that lesson about Firenze it seems misleading to translate duomo as cathedral and catedrale as church. In my dictio...

2 replies - Last post by Adriana - August 19, 2008

minestra or zuppa?

How does one say soup in Italian? In my own research I have discovered three words: minestra, zuppa and brodo. In the resources I have, I cannot distinguish between minestra or zuppa - are they the same, do they imply different styles (such as a bisque...

1 reply - Last post by mwcjr - July 31, 2008

Question about the word "come"

In the literal translation, "come" means "how"...but I don't really understand how it can also be used when asking someone what their name is "come ti chiami". Can "come" also mean "what"?

2 replies - Last post by williamsn411 - July 14, 2008


Ciao a tutti, how do you find the Italian grammar? For all the keen students, remember that if you study the language first , at home,even at a beginner level, and then go to Italy, you'll have an enormous advantage over all other tourists that think that...

0 replies - Last post by (deleted) - July 7, 2008

andata e ritorno

Ciao Mi puo` dire perche un biglietto e` andata e ritorno e non andato e ritorno ,cioe` perche si usa il femminile "andata".Sono curioso. grazie a dopo

2 replies - Last post by martin - June 9, 2008



3 replies - Last post by rab - March 31, 2008

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